Some Jerry Sloan news from Illinois, Flash news, Recaps and  thoughts from boths sides of the game, and some unitentional dirty quotes from last nights game(Jazz Fanatical). 

Tweet of the night. 

Sloan Signs Extenstion

The Cure for Deron Williams and the Utah Jazz's recent woes: Bleacher Report

Williams says he won't talke about pick-and-roll defense 

Defense is simple for Jazz's Sloan.

Jefferson helps Jazz Rally Kings POV

Fesenko Provides Punch. Trib Brian T Smith

Boston Herald- Kings lose to Jazz after another fourth-quarter collapse

Slcdunk Recap.

Jewelsfromthecrown KINGS POV

SACTOWN Royalty. Kings POV

Utah Jazz Notebook Jody Genessy

The pride of McLeansboro, Illinois- a local article about Jerry Sloan

SLTrib beat reports from Yesterday.  

Utah Flash News.

Utah Jazz rally Late to dethrone Kings.  

Jazz Fanatical
Favorite part is the Unintentional Dirty Quotes