Written by Matthew Oliver | 11 April 2012

(Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images)

The roller-coaster ride of dismay and elation that has been the recent Jazz playoff push continued tonight in Houston as the Rockets were dealt a convincing defeat by an intriguingly makeshift Utah starting line up. Gordon Hayward continued to demonstrate the full measure of his potential on offense, Paul Millsap and Derrick Favors prevented Houston from maintaining any momentum with solid rebounding and defense and mid-season acquisition DeMarre Carroll brought an inordinate amount of hustle to the Toyota Center, all of which prevented Houston from racking up their fifth win in a row after a four game road trip that saw them defeat Chicago and Los Angeles in addition to Portland and Sacramento.

The first six minutes of play were distressingly reminiscent of many recent Utah first quarters. The Jazz gave up an early lead quickly with an absence of defense and coherent offense but after some quick adjustments rapidly tied the game back up and finished the quarter strong with a 30-26 advantage, never to trail again. Utah would continue to win the first three quarters convincingly and only lose the fourth quarter by one point all while withstanding tremendously lopsided officiating and a worrisome run spearheaded by the recently returned Kyle Lowry's many trips to the free throw line.

Unlike the victory over San Antonio two nights ago, the Jazz defeated a team at near full strength on their home floor while facing the accompanying pressure of knowing that losing tonight meant falling further away from the eighth seed. Also at stake, the crucial tie break with Houston who it wouldn't be impossible to end the season tied with. Add all of that to the fact that four Jazz players didn't dress tonight because of injury or circumstance and you find that the Jazz have won a crucial game against significant odds in a highly interesting and impressive fashion.

The same Gordon Hayward who was booed on Draft N
ight 2010 and caught the stiff end of a frustrated Deron Williams' pass the same year, carried this depleted Utah Jazz team on his back tonight. In 39 minutes he scored a season high 29 points on immaculate free throw shooting (7-7), near immaculate shooting from beyond the arc (4-5), and a solid 64.2% (9-14) from everywhere else on the floor. He also snagged two rebounds and two steals and dished out six assists. It isn't All-Star material yet, but its the closest thing Utah has right now.

The rest of the Jazz (active) roster weren't bad either. With the exception of Burks and Kanter, every Utah player had a positive +/-. DeMarre Carroll had 10 points and 7 boards, Derrick Favors 10 points, 11 boards and 3 blocks. Jefferson had 15 points and three blocks. Paul Millsap, in spite of a slew of bad calls and missed calls and utter officiating neglect netted a mostly efficient 21 points and locked down three crucial steals.

Devin Harris, after a night of heroics against San Antonio, sat out the end of the game after being rendered relatively inefficient with foul trouble early. Upon his departure, a lineup headed by Jamaal Tinsley and Gordon Hayward let Houston back in the game on an 8-0 run but was able to answer with a 6-0 run of their own to close the game out for good.

The victory tonight sealed up another tiebreak for Utah, put a streaking Rockets team on ice and improved the odds that Utah makes the playoffs ever so slightly while preventing our playoff chances from collapsing almost entirely. The Jazz should look to avoid laying another egg after a big road win as they did a couple months ago in New Orleans after a big win in Memphis. It may be difficult however, to string a streak together as the Hornets are playing much improved basketball.

7 games remain. All of them will be huge. Get ready for an adrenaline rush or a giant letdown.

Final Score: Jazz 103 - Rockets 91

If the season ended today: The Jazz would be lottery bound.



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Written by Kyle Kirkham | 10 April 2012

*This post doesn’t include any stats or insights from last nights Spurs/Jazz game.

The Jazz went 2-2 last week and made their already upward climb towards the playoffs even steeper. They started their week with a solid win in Portland, but got Nash’d in SLC, barely beat the Warriors at home, and came up short in San Antonio. Not the best week, but then again they were literally tenths of a second away from possibly going 3-1.

Devin Harris

Last Week’s Line: 18.3 points (48%), 5 assists (.3 TO’s), 1.7 steals

Devin was second in scoring last week, and likely would have been first had he not sprained his ankle vs the Blazers limiting him to just 14 minutes that game (in which he scored 9 points). Overall, it was another good week for our starting point guard. His assist numbers weren’t great, but he still led the team and had only 1 turnover all week (3 games).  His most notable improvement however has been his shooting, specifically from downtown. Harris went 8 of 17 from three last week (47%) nailing them on kick outs and in transition. You have to wonder how the rest of the season went if Harris was shooting like this.

CJ Miles

Last Week’s Line:  8.8 points (47%), 2.5 rebounds, 1.5 assists

Miles shot a much better percentage from the field last week, but his scoring was still as inconsistent as ever with games of 4, 22, 2, and 7 points. This is no surprise for Jazz fans, it’s something that we have come to expect. @carty64 and Locke both make some interesting points on twitter.


That 8% translates to 6.5 games a year. Now, I don’t expect him to score 20 points every other game, but 6 or 7 times a season? I feel like he can do better than that. Miles strained his calf vs the Spurs and isn’t being reevaluated for a week or so, meaning if we don’t make the playoffs he might not play another game this year. Has CJ played his final game in Jazz uniform?

Gordon Hayward

Last Week’s Line: 16.5 points (51%), 5 rebounds, 2.3 assists (1.3 TOs)

Gordon played his third straight week of great basketball, which has probably turned out to be his best stretch of basketball in his short career. He simply gets it done, and he does it from almost every aspect of the game. He can score, he’s one of the team’s best defenders and passers, his rebounding has improved much since Howard went out, even his three point shot is starting to fall again (40% last week). I think it’s safe to say that Hayward is a top 3 player on this team.


Paul Millsap

Last Week’s Line: 17.5 points (54%), 7.3 rebounds, 2.3 assists (3.3 TO’s), 1.3 steals

Paul started the week as a runaway favorite for the PoW putting up 31 and 11 vs the Blazers and 25 and 8 vs the Suns. Then something hit him, apparently a stomach virus, and he collected just 14 points and 10 rebounds in the next two games combined. His game vs the Spurs was his worst of the season and might have been one of his worst performances ever, he scored just 2 points (1 of 8 shooting) and had only 3 rebounds. Hopefully he gets healthy this week and bounces back, we’ll need him.


Al Jefferson

Last Week’s Line: 19.5 points (48% shooting), 9.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists (.8 TO’s), 2.3 blocks

I’m not sure where the Jazz would be without Jefferson this season. He has definitely shot us out of a few games, but he has probably been the most consistent player of the year and is always in contention for PoW. Once again he led the team in points, rebounds, and blocks. Al also had an assist to turnover ratio of 3.1:1. I took a look at some of Al’s numbers this year and he is putting up career highs in PER (23.1), Assists Per 36 (2.3), Assist % (12.8%), Turnovers Per 36 (1.2), Turnover % (5.8%), Free Throw % (77.5%), and even Three Point % (25%). Talk about having a career year.

Earl Watson 

Last Week’s Line: 1.3 points (10%), 3.5 assists (.5 TO’s), 2.8 rebounds, 1 steal

This is why I love Earl.


Besides having an awesome assists to turnover ratio (7:1) Earl had a pretty rough week. He made just one shot all week and is out for the season thanks to a knee injury he suffered in San Antonio. Earl may only play 3 seasons for the Jazz (under contract for next season) but he will go down as one of my favorite players to watch. It was tough watching him struggle to come back from injury this year after he started the season so great. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

Jamaal Tinsley

Last Week’s Line: 5.8 points (35%), 4 assists (2 TO’s), 1.3 rebounds, 1 steal

Without Tinsley the Jazz may have gone 1-3 last week as he had a key steal vs tin the final moments vs the Blazers. While he doesn’t put up big numbers, he can efficiently run the second unit while making big plays here or there. It really is incredible how he went from the last guy on the roster to one of our most important players. The Jazz are making a final push for the post-season and Tinsley won’t have room to slump with Earl out indefinitely.


Alec Burks

Last Week’s Line: 5.5 points (32%), 2.3 rebounds, 2 assists (2 TO’s) (16.5 minutes)

Burks struggled once again last week. His shot hasn’t been falling as much and it seems like he is taking a few too many outside shots. @IWMTB19 took a deeper look.


It should be noted that Burks dished out 5 assists against the Blazers (in just over 20 minutes). Alec has shown flashes in the passing department, but can you imagine him and Hayward on the floor together if he can develop consistent playmaking ability? #COUNTTHADIMES

Derrick Favors

Last Week’s Line: 9.5 points (58%), 8.3 rebounds, 1 assists (1 TO), .8 blocks (24.3 minutes)

It was great to see Favors “rebound” last week from his previously down play. He continues to make an impact on both ends of the floor, and I continue to love what I am seeing. He was second on the team in rebounding, and did it in only 24 minutes. I honestly don’t think there is a question that Favors would average a double if he played starter minutes, he’s already gotten a few off the bench. Oh and did you see that dunk on Splitter/Bonne? Nasty.

Players who didn’t play (very much): Enes Kanter (32 minutes), DeMarre Carroll (22 minutes), Jeremy Evans (6 minutes), Josh Howard (injured), Raja Bell (injured)

It was another “meh” week for the Jazz, but I still had difficulty picking this week’s winner. Does Hayward deserve it for the third week in a row? Did Harris’ stellar offense earn him the honors? Or do I go with Al Jefferson, the rock of the team this season?


Player of the Week: Week 15

"Hey Devin, I'll trade you unlimited salad and bread sticks for this week's award?."  (AP Photo/Colin E Braley)

Devin Harris: 18.3 points (48%), 5 assists (.3 TO’s), 1.7 steals

Runners up: Al Jefferson/Gordon Hayward

Special Mention: Derrick Favors

Thanks to @sproul13 for weekly stats

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Written by Spencer | 09 April 2012

Blah Blah Pop is a genius and a hall of fame coach with lots of wins and some titles. As a Jazz fan I am fine with the decision and as a Spurs fan I wouldn’t care either, knowing that Pop knows what he is doing. For some reason all of the Jazz broadcasting crew think it's "something evil" and that it is not good for the game. As a Jazz fan, “We don’t pay to see the Spurs, we pay to see the Jazz win.” With the missing players and injuries to the Jazz here is a look at last night’s starting linuep.
John Stockton and Greg Ostertag were in the crowd last night.
Via SaltCityHoops

John Stockton continues to be a fan favorite despite being the most difficult autograph in sports...other than a dead player. Reports were that he was denying tons of kids autographs. I get it, but don’t agree with it. His interview was the same as always I am fine. I don’t miss basketball. I am coaching my kids.

Favors played well in the first half, but needs more touches to get going on offense.

Gordon Hayward continues to be the player that looks like he cares the most.

Evans left in the middle of third quarter with an ankle injury, by the time you read this two other Jazz players will be injured.

The fourth quarter started 68-64 SA with a lineup of Sap, Favors, Burks, Kanter and Tinsley.Devin Harris decided that he wanted to win the game all by himself.
Here is a breakdown of the run.

4:52 Devin Harris make a spinning layup on the left side with his left hand 4:52
4:33 Neal hits a three pointer 4:33
3:54 Devin Harris pull up three in transition ala Stockton  78-78
3:38 Neal with a layup 80-78
3:26 Devin Harris makes free throw 1 of 1 80-79
3:26 Devin Harris makes free throw 2 of 2 80-80
2:47 Devin Harris another pull up three in transition. 80-83
2:23 Devin Harris makes free throw 2 of 2 80-84
Video from @ProdigyJF

Harris scores eleven straight and carries the Jazz to a win. A win is a win, and in the end it won’t matter what happened and who didn’t play it counts as a win in the standings.

Check out the Popcorn Game Flows.

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Written by Spencer | 09 April 2012

Blake's Wiki Page and Twitter Handle @BlakeAhearn Basketball Reference page 

In 2003-2004, Blake Ahearn set an NCAA record by shooting 97.5% from the FT line. He automatically gets to shoot all Jazz technical shots. via DavidJSmith 

I just a got a tweet saying that the Utah Jazz have signed Blake Ahearn from the D-leauge. I assume that it is a 10 day contract. via http://www.ksdk.com/

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Written by Spencer | 09 April 2012

I know we lost, but wow. 

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Written by Spencer | 09 April 2012

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Written by Alan Zaugg | 07 April 2012

The Jazz limped into Friday night with both injury and stomach bugs. Heading into the game it was undetermined whether the Jazz would have Devin Harris. He had been listed as a “gametime decision” after spraining his ankle in Monday’s win over Portland, but ultimately was ready to go by gametime. Likewise Paul Millsap was listed as suffering from a stomach virus as the start of the game approached.

So the stage was set.

This game was a must win (every game from here on out is) for the Jazz, as they are competing for a playoff spot in the tightly contested Western Conference. They would need this win with two upcoming games against the West’s leading team, San Antonio.

Slow starts have been an achilles as of late for the Jazz. Allowing teams to jump on them early, and then making a valiant effort to come back and make a game of it. Tonight was a bit different. They found their offensive groove early as Devin Harris controlled the tempo early scoring 12 in the first quarter.

But as good as the offense was, the defense was awful. Golden State got open look after open look. And any player that gets enough open, uncontested looks is likely to gain confidence finding a rhythm. And that is exactly what happened. The Warriors found their groove. Hitting open look after open look. And putting the Jazz on their heels for much of the second quarter.


The Associated Press  2012-04-06

The second half saw a first for the Jazz as they finished the game with two point guards on the floor at the same time. Earl Watson finished the final 12 minutes alongside Devin Harris, who played at the two. And the lineup worked. Harris was blazing hot to finish the game shooting a perfect 4-4 in the fourth quarter. But it wasn't Harris alone. Big Al, after what seemed like a potential game ending abdominal strain, came back in and pitched in seven in the final quarter as well. Harris and Jefferson ended the night scoring 58 points. A big night from the Jazz's veteran leaders.



Devin Harris exploded, finishing the nigh with a season high 28 points including 5-8 from downtown. If it isn't obvious yet, then it should be: So goes Devin Harris, so goes the Utah Jazz. During the Jazz six game winning streak he was playing well. He dictated the tempo of the games and got his teammates involved. And last night was more of the same. Devin dictated, from the beginning, the tempo of the game. He was in attack mode. He scored 12 in the first quarter alone, then as mentioned finished the game in blazing fashion, scoring 11 in the final quarter. More specifically his shooting from outside is what has been missing. Devin Harris returned to form last night in much needed, dominating fashion.


And finally, "Old Reliable", Al Jefferson had another big night finishing the game with 30 points, 11 reb and a season high 5 blocks. It's not out of the ordinary for Al to play like this. I mean he's been doing it all season. But what was special, or what made it more impressive, was that he came in and dominated alongside Devin Harris in the fourth quarter, AFTER an abdominal strain that left him sidelined in the third quarter. There was doubt he would return. And, frankly, he shouldn't have. He was clearly in pain. But it's just like Big Al, and really the M.O. for the entire team to want to come in and get after it with no excuse. Put it all out there on the floor. And Al did. And it was a thing of beauty.


The Associated Press  2012-04-06

The Jazz needed a victory, they got one. And they need more like it. As stated, every game from here on out is a must win. It's the stretch run and the Jazz will need more from "Old Reliable" and his dueling sidekick "Blazing Harris", to get through it.

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Written by Matthew Oliver | 04 April 2012

(Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images)

The last fractions of a second in tonight's loss to the visiting Phoenix Suns were a microcosm of the entire game, this playoff push and in many ways the season as a whole: at times scintillatingly close while simultaneously debilitatingly far away. Every Jazz run down the stretch brought them within striking distance of a victory only to have that victory slip away by the thinnest of margins. Certainly the outcome of Utah's season won't be decided by referees at a sideline video board but the franchise's loyal fans will likely be in waiting until the very last moments to find out if the Jazz will be playoff bound or playing the lottery. Certainly they will miss or make the post season by similarly thin margins.

A Steve Nash team is a crafty, well executed team no matter how marginally talented the pieces are around him. In Utah's most recent meeting with the Suns it was Jared Dudley who went to town on a Jazz defense that seemed incapable of defending the three point shot and the story tonight was much the same with Michael Redd filling the role of sharp shooter. In addition to moving the ball far more effectively than the Jazz, the Suns' scored 30 more points than Utah did on three point shooting which more than made up for the field goal percentage advantage held by the Jazz (50.6% to 45.1%). Utah narrowed the gap created by Phoenix's sharp shooters by maintaining the advantage at the free throw line and points in the paint. Channing Frye hit an absurdly miraculous buzzer beater with 1:06 to go from the logo rendering moot one of the few plays where the Jazz defended the perimeter effectively. Utah simply couldn't stop Phoenix from dropping threes, they didn't even try and even when they managed to put together a defensive posession near the perimeter, it failed. Such was the plight of the Utah Jazz this evening.

The flow of tonight's game was tidal with Phoenix establishing leads early in each quarter and the Jazz closing those leads out to finish. In each period of play, however, Utah couldn't maintain momentum long enough to put any distance between themselves and the Suns. The leads built primarily by the Suns' bench were hills to steep to climb. As my peers at the Utah Jazz Blog seem well aware, these hills are becoming somewhat familiar, on all scales.


The Jazz starting five of Watson, Hayward, Miles, Jefferson and Millsap held it down against the Suns' starters. All five Jazz starters had a positive +/- while all of the Phoenix starters were in the negative. Utah's four man bench unit of Tinsley, Favors, Burks and Kanter were out run by the slightly deeper five man substitution squad run by Phoenix. The +/- situation was entirely reversed in this case with Utah's bench entirely in the negative in contrast with the Suns' which was entirely positive. The game slipped away from Utah more when Steve Nash was off the court than when he was on it. 

At the end, however, it was still Steve Nash who answered each huge shot Al Jefferson made to get the Jazz back to even with the Suns with a shot of his own to take the game back out of reach. Just as the season is likely to, the game came down to a desperation last chance possession that was scintillatingly close but debilitating far away.

Utah has lost the tie breaker with Phoenix but has one last chance to get a win against the Suns on April 24th.

Final Score: Phoenix 107 - Jazz 105

If the Playoffs Started Today: The Jazz would be lottery bound.



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Written by Kyle Kirkham | 03 April 2012

*This post doesn’t include any stats or insights from the Jazz/Blazers game.

I don’t think too many of us enjoined last week, I don’t see why you would. The Jazz had no problem disposing of Deron Williams and the Nets, but then dropped 3 straight games vs the Celtics, Kings, and Clippers; all ugly losses. Thanks to their current slide the Jazz haven fallen out of the playoffs and have an uphill climb in order to make them.

Devin Harris

Last Week’s Line: 7.5 points (39%), 7 assists (2.3 TO’s), 3 rebounds

While Harris wasn’t lights out from the field, he continued his much improved team play leading the team in assists for the third straight week. Harris hasn’t been great, but he hasn’t been terrible either. The way he has been playing is kind of the way I expected him to play this earlier this year.

CJ Miles

Last Week’s Line:  6.5 points (30%), 1.8 rebounds, 1 assist (.5 TO’s)

Miles had a really, really bad week. His shooting was terrible, and he was non-existent in most other areas as well. I’ve said this multiple times, but this is a crucial time for Miles if he wants the Jazz to consider resigning him. Then again, the Jazz might not have a lot of options at the wing. We could miss out on the draft, and who knows what happens with Bell and Howard. Either way, CJ really needs to up his play. 

Gordon Hayward

Last Week’s Line: 14.8 (43%), 5 rebounds, 2.8 assists (2.3 TO’s), 1.3 blocks

Despite all the losing, Gordon had another stellar week. He seems to have found his scoring groove, and has done a fabulous job contributing in nearly every other area. It seemed like he was the only one trying at times when the team struggled through last week. Hayward was third in scoring, third in assists, fourth in rebounds, and second in blocks (suck on that Sam Mitchell (Yes, I still am not over this)). Right now his biggest problems are his turnovers and three point shooting (2 for 10 last week) both of which he should be able to improve.


Paul Millsap

Last Week’s Line: 17.5 (57%), 8.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists (2.3 TO’s), 1 block, .8 steals

My man Millsap had himself another good week, and I think it’s finally safe to say that he’s back. Sap led the team in FG%, while finishing second in scoring and rebounding. If I remember correctly, he ranked third in NBA in steals per game in the month of March, just behind Mike Conley and Chris Paul, and is tied for 8th in that category for the season. Millsap’s play this last month is key for the team’s playoff chances.


Al Jefferson

Last Week’s Line: 22.5 points (53%), 10 rebounds, 2.5 assists (1.5 TO’s), 1.8 blocks, 1 steal

Al put up quite the line last week. Not only did he average a double-double and shoot over 50%, Jefferson also led the team in points, rebounds, and blocks. Right now he is the first option on our team, and if he can’t perform he tends to drag the team down with him. I think the biggest keys to his game right now are his FG%, rebounding, and defense. When he does well in all of those the Jazz are much harder to beat.

Earl Watson 

Last Week’s Line: 3.8 points (40%), 3.5 assists (2.3 TO’s), 3.3 rebounds, 1 steal

As Watson recovered from his injury, he also recovered his position backing up Harris. However Earl has not looked the same since his ankle sprain. By the time last week was over, fans were calling for his head. And it didn’t go without reason, as Watson simply couldn’t run with the bench as well as Tinsley had been doing. I love Earl Watson, he’s a fighter who brings it every night, but I do think that Corbin needs to ride the “hot hand” and go with Tinsley as the primary backup point guard. We’ll probably figure out who gets the job this week.

Alec Burks

Last Week’s Line: 10.5 points (34%), 3.3 rebounds, 1.5 assists (1 TO), 1 steal (26.5 minutes)

Despite shooting just 34% from the field, Burks again was our lead scorer off the bench. He’s able to do this thanks to his ability to get to the line, which he did 23 times last week. That’s 5.8 times a game, all done in under 27 minutes (7.8 times per 36 minutes). This is Burks’ best skill (along with finishing at the rim) and it gives himself something to rely on when his shots just aren’t falling.

Derrick Favors

Last Week’s Line: 5.3 points (19%), 8 rebounds, 1.3 assists (1.3 TO’s) (20.3 minutes)

After stringing together three straight weeks of excellent basketball, Favors took a slight step backwards. He didn’t look terrible last week, shots just weren’t falling for him. He was last on the team in FG% (Thanks to a 0/13 night vs the Kings) which is a category he usually ranks high in. Fortunately he was still able to make a difference elsewhere though, as his D was great and he managed to grab 8 boards a game in limited playing time. However his role and playing have slightly decreased thanks to Millsap’s improved play and Jefferson returning to the lineup.

Enes Kanter

Last Week’s Line: 5.3 points (67%), 4.5 rebounds (10.5 minutes)

Enes didn’t get that much burn last week, but he did do a great job at bouncing back from his recently down play. Averaging half of a double-double in 10 minutes is pretty awesome. We also got a few more glimpses of a possible move he could be soon adding to his game; the mid-range jumper. The stronger he finishes out this year the better, as he could see a much bigger role next season.

Players who didn't play (very much): Jeremy Evans, Jamaal Tinsley, Josh Howard, Raja Bell, DeMarre Carroll 

The Jazz only won one game last week, so it wasn't that fun picking a player of the week. It wasn’t easy either, as Millsap and Jefferson both statistically had good weeks. Anyways, I decided to go with the man who seemed to never stop trying or give up even when the team was down.

Player of the Week: Week 14


Not only is G-Time whiter than The Jimmer, he also owns more POW Awards than him. (Photo via Ravell Call, Deseret News)

Gordon Hayward: 14.8 points (43%), 5 rebounds, 2.8 assists (2.3 TO’s), 1.3 blocks

Runner up: Al Jefferson

Special Mention: Paul Millsap


Thanks to @sproul13 for weekly stats

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Written by Clint Peterson | 03 April 2012


Every year Jazz fans get together for a game to put faces with names and avatars, eat, drink, and be merry, and just generally raise Cain while enjoying a Utah Jazz game together.

This year's Utah Jazz Tweetup is proudly presented at Iggy's downtown Salt Lake City location mere minutes walking distance from the EnergySolutions Arena.

Where:  Conveniently located on the southwest corner of 400 S. and 300 W., downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. There is a free parking garage for Iggy's patrons located on the south-east end of the building easily accessed from 400 West.


When: Reservations are for starting at 6:00 PM Mountain Time and on through the game and beyond, if you're having as big a blast as we anticipate you will be. Simply tell the receptionist you are there for the Utah Jazz Tweetup (reserved by Clint Peterson, feel free to contact me if you have any questions). 

What: In a battle with the West for playoff positioning, the Phoenix Suns are in town for a tilt with your Utah Jazz (#PHXatUTA). Iggy's has a tremendous menu of both food and drink for your dining pleasure, and all-around good guy Dave has set aside a nice slice of this stellar facility for us right in front of a 10-foot wide screen TV for as many fans wanna tear it up, Jazz style! 


Dave also has a really neat wall at this Iggy's location of Utah Jazz moments that comes complete with historic stories, like when now-Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen reserved Iggy's for himself and his entourage for a Finals game in Salt Lake. 

Important Update: We'll be giving away two lower bowl tickets to tonight's tilt to the best-dressed fans, courtesy Steve Nord! To be eligible you must have a Flash Seats account (takes like two minutes to sign up, be sure to bring the card you signed up with) and be following Steve on Twitter, @NORD4TIX. The tickets will be given away at 6:30 PM sharp so the winners will have plenty of time to saunter over to ESA for the Suns at Jazz.

It's an exciting time to be a Jazz fan and you want an account executive, trust me. Steve Nord is your man for any event at EnergySolutions Arena, from Ice Capades to concerts, single games, group rates, or season tickets. Contact Steve anytime on Twitter for more information, or at:


These are always a fantastic time, full of interesting stories and Jazz people -- fans, writers, and even a special guest from overseas -- so don't miss out as we cheer the Jazz on toward the 2012 playoffs! Even if you're going to the game stop in and holla on your way to ESA. See you all there!

PR Directors optional


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