Written by Spencer | 28 December 2010

Breaking News--- Cj Miles is a game time decision
UTAH JAZZ (21-10) at LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS (10-22) Game #32 • Away Game #15 • STAPLES Center • LOS ANGELES December 29, 2010 • 8:30 p.m. (MT) • TV: FSN Utah & NBATV RADIO: 1320 AM KFNZ/B98.7 FM and 1600 AM ESPN DEPORTE

Injury report

Utah Jazz -
Andrei Kirilenko - DOUBTFUL (lower back strain) We will talk about this a little later. 

L.A. Clippers-
OUT: Chris Kaman (Aggravated bone bruise and deltoid ligament sprain of left ankle;
Craig Smith (Herniated disc)DOUBTFUL:
Brian Cook (Sprained right ankle)

Previous Games
The Utah Jazz are looking to sweep the 3 game for the 2010-2011 series. The Jazz won the first contest 109-107 (OT) on Nov 6th and the second meeting on Nov. 28th 109-97. 

Match up of the Night  
Blake Griffin Against the World. 
Utah Jazz fan here talking about how much fun this kid is to watch. He will get his 20th DD in a row tonight, especially cause the Utah Jazz are struggling to rebound the basketball. The questions is whether or not the Utah Jazz can stop him from getting a 20-20 game.  Seriously though He may out rebound both Millsap and Jefferson.  I think Millsap will recover from his 3 rebound performance against the Trailblazers, but him and Jefferson have to figure something out. 

My Thoughts-  

Black Griiffin
The Clippers have won 5-6 of six and Griffin is playing out of this world with 19 straight DD's, he leads the league in dunks, and he goes to the line fifth most in the NBA. 

Free Throws 
In fact, the Clippers have two of the top ten players with the most FTA on the year, Griffin @5th and Gordon @8th they account for 58% of the Clippers total free throws. 
This causes problems for the Utah Jazz. We foul a lot and in turn it slows down the pace and rhythm of the game.

This looks like it could be the time of year when AK's back goes out. This causes some major problems for the Jazz rotation, and the how Jerry Sloan uses the bench. Generally when a player is going to be out for a couple of games,Jerry will just pull some one not in the rotation in that players spot. Example, earlier this year when Bell was out and Gordon Hayward got the start. What if this is more than a couple of games though and you have to put CJ as a starter screwing up both the starting five and the second unit when they come in. It is bad enough that they are adjusting to Memo coming back, this will just compound the problem. 

This will also lead to more minutes for Gordon Hayward, so instead of maybe 12 minutes which he has gotten the past few games he may move all the way up to 18-20 minutes a night. I don't necessarily think that this is a bad thing, I just think that this is not a good situation for a team that is trying to find some sort of consistency.  A positive from this is we will get to see more Hayward and possibly more Evans. 

The century mark again
The Clippers are 1-15 when allowing 100 point and the Utah Jazz are 16-1 when scoring 100 points. If we score 100 point we win. 

My Prediction 
Jazz 94 Clippers 91 

You have probably seen this before but Deron and Baron are good friends this is something that they did a few years back 

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Written by Spencer | 28 December 2010

Video Recap 


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Written by Spencer | 27 December 2010

This week we talk about a theoretical trade--AK for Gerald Wallace; we discuss another miraculous comeback against the Timberwolves; and we talk about what teams the NBA could do without.

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Written by Spencer | 27 December 2010


I really have to give the Trailblazers credit for sticking it to the Jazz last night. Deron seemed to be the only one who wanted to play last night putting up 31-6. Millsap and Jefferson were a combines 10-24, scoring 22 points and only pulling down 12 rebounds combined. Millsap didn't have a rebound in the first half.  The matchup that we said to look at (Millsap and Aldridge) was dominated by Aldridge, which makes me wonder why they didn't use him more in the first half. Aldridge finished with 26 and 7. Camby had 12 rebounds before leaving the game with an ankle sprain, which led to the best tweet of the night. 
I really do feel bad for them, hopefully he misses less than a week or so.

Jazz Offense  
Gradually got worse as the night went on, mostly because the Blazers defense got better.
27, 20, 19, 15 going into the final two minutes when Deron decided to go nuts.  At the 2 minute mark in the fourth the Utah Jazz only had 3 field goals. 

Blazers Thoughts

Ak and Deron day to day 
Ak is having back problems again, the same problems that have had him missing games over the past 4 years in 5-10 game stretches. Deron is listed as day-to-day we will keep an eye on this. 

Random T.V. comment of the night.
Matt Harpring described Wesley Matthews as having "his pants on the ground", after Deron crossed him over, Bolerjack was speechless. Literally.

Hayward in the Fourth
I personally believe that Jerry Sloan is sending a message to other players, not showing confidence in Hayward. Obviously this is just my opinion. 

Photo of the Night 

Of the Court Note
SALT LAKE CITY, UT - DECEMBER 27: Deron Williams #8 of the Utah Jazz receives the NBA Cares Community Assist Award for November from Jazz President Randy Rigby before playing the Portland Trail Blazers at EnergySolutions Arena on December 27, 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2010 NBAE (Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE/Getty Image

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Written by Spencer | 27 December 2010

So Don over at With-Malice, does a monthly NBA Rankings and this month's is fantastic. Here is a teaser about the Utah Jazz Ranking. 
6. Utah Jazz - If Utah were an actor, they'd be... Charlton Heston.  Tough, straight down the line.  Completely and utterly old school.

Check out the rest of the NBA Rankings @ With-Malice.com


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Written by Spencer | 27 December 2010

UTAH JAZZ (21-9) vs. PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS (15-15)Game #31 • Home Game #17 • EnergySolutions Arena • SALT LAKE CITY December 27, 2010 • 7 p.m. (MT) • TV: FSN Utah RADIO: 1320 AM KFNZ/B98.7 FM and 1600 AM ESPN DEPORTE

The Utah Jazz have won five in a row against the Trailblazers and 9 of 10. The spread for this game is -8 in the Jazz favor. 

Last Meeting-

The Utah Jazz defeated the Portland Trail Blazers 103-94, the team’s fifth consecutive road win. Now 6-2 on the road, the Jazz overcame an 11-point deficit to claim the win away from the home team. Utah was perfect at the line, going 21-21 from the free-throw line. C.J. Miles set a new career-high in three-pointers made, connecting on seven from behind the arc. Two Jazz players picked up double-doubles. Al Jefferson recorded 20 points with 14 rebounds while Deron Williams scored 12 points with 11 assists. For the Trail Blazers, former Jazzman Wesley Matthews had 16 points with two boards while Rudy Fernandez helped the team off the bench with 12 points and one steal. Mehmet Okur remained on the inactive list due to a torn left Achilles’ tendon.(Media Guide)  

All-Time Series Notes 
The Utah Jazz are 62-14 @ home against the Blazers. 

Injury Report  

Greg Oden (left knee), Joel Przybilla (left ankle), Brandon Roy (left knee) and Elliot Williams (right knee) will not play

Mehmet Okur – DAY-TO-DAY (mild right ankle sprain

Matchup of Night- 
 Aldridge against Millsap- although Millsap is giving up 3 inches, he plays much bigger than he is. Having said that if Millsap gets in foul trouble we could see AK slide over on LaMarcus if needs be. 

My Thoughts.

The Century Mark. 
Deron has to speed the pace of the game up and start scoring early. The Utah Jazz are 15-1 when scoring over 100 points and the Trailblazers are 1-8 when opponents score over 100. 

Starting the New Year right.
The Jazz have four winnable games this week, with two against Portland. It is very hard to beat a NBA team twice in one week, especially when the second game is @ the Rose Garden on the second night of a back to back. We have to win this one. 

The Bench needs to show up.

The last time these two met Cj went nuts from three point land and sparked a furious comeback. We need to see the bench score at least 20 points tonight. 

Jazz 97 Blazers 89 

For the Blazers point of view visit Bust a Bucket 


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Written by Spencer | 26 December 2010

With four days off, and a couple practices ,the Utah Jazz look to create some consistency after the annual Christmas road trip. The Jazz next 12 games  include ten teams that are at or below .500,. The other two games are against an up and down Atlanta team and the suprisingly good New York Knicks. We should come out this run between 8-4 at the worse and 12-0 at best. With only two back to backs and both the Hawks and Knicks @ home a 10-2 record should be expected. Here is a break down of how the Utah Jazz have done after the Christmas break in the Deron Williams era. 

The Jazz went 8-2 including a home and home series with the Lakers, which they won both.

Jazz go 5-5 and decide to let every good player score as much as they want. The Jazz gave up the following point totals, Zach Randolph 34, McGrady 44, Nowitzki 38, Wade 32, Ray Allen(then with the sonics) 51, Arenas 51 with the game winning three from 30 feet, you remember the shot. The one where he turned and started walking to the other end of the floor before the ball even went through the hoop.  no comments


Written by Spencer | 24 December 2010

At numerous times during the season, Jerry Sloan has played Deron @ the two, a position that he played in college very well. The offense still runs the same, they just run it through AK, Bell, Price, or Watson. As most of us know the motion offense has been used in Utah for the past....well forever. Following is a short clip and break down of the motion offense and all of the options coming of one of the sets.

There are a ton of possibilites coming out of this set if you include secondary and third level options. Deron is always the number one option on this set however each player has to sell their pick, cut, roll hard even though they probably won't get the ball. It is like a receiver that has to block on a running play. Even though the guys setting the picks probably won't get the ball they have to run through the play so when the option comes, they can slip the pick and Deron will hit them rolling to the basket.

 It is important to note, that in the Jazz motion offense, the Jazz players make split decision judgments on how the defense reacts to picks, curls, screens, slashes and so forth.

Al Jefferson knows the Utah Jazz offense, the thing that he is still learning is the split decisions that he has to make to get open. The Utah Jazz offense is very similar to many in the NFL teams. When the coverage goes "cover two" or the safety move up for a blitz the slot receiver is the hot route. The Utah Jazz have hot routes basically on every set and every play. Many times you will hear players on the Jazz talk about "well we just took what the defense gave us", because usually our offense is reactionary. This is why the zone defense causes us so many problems.  

 Here is the video of a play that I will be talking about. 

Let's break this down with some pictures. Jazz fans have seen this play for the past forever. Everyone on the floor, including the Timberwolves, knows the ball is going to Deron, however the Jazz can run about seven different plays out of this set. Keeping in mind that Deron is always the first option, let's take a look at some other options on this play. Any player can be put into any of these positions, so when I use names you can insert any player into the scenario depending on who is on the floor. Deron_at_the_2_
This play is designed for Deron, as he is the first option for this play.- I won't go into detail about that play. no comments


Written by Spencer | 23 December 2010

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Written by Spencer | 23 December 2010

Via Elias 


Al Jefferson Blocking Kevin Love From Elias: Al Jefferson scored 23 points and blocked a career-high seven shots to lead the Jazz to a win in his return to Minnesota. Jefferson was the first NBA player to register at least seven blocked shots in his first game against a former team since the 76ers' Dikembe Mutombo blocked nine shots against the Hawks on March 9, 2001, 15 days after he was traded to Philadelphia.

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