Written by Spencer | 07 February 2011


Jazz getting picked apart

Utah Jazz need to win now, not later

Williams will play through the pain

Utah Flash Defeat Energy 

Utah Jazz Game Day

Sunday Syncopation @ Slcdunk 

Darryl Griffith and the old school Dunk Contest

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Written by Spencer | 05 February 2011

Utah Jazz @ Denver Nuggets from MLMarchitect on Vimeo.

We win, Nuggets lose, and JR smith get ejected for a flagrant 2 foul

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Written by Spencer | 05 February 2011

Stat of the Night- Last night's second half of 32 and 31 points marks the first time the Utah Jazz have scored back to back 30+ point quarters since a 121-99 win over Cleveland on Jan 14 or 44 straight quarters. 

Utah Jazz OKC betting line

Jazz Thunder CBSsports Preview. 

Jazz out-hustle Nuggets- The Denver Post

AP ESPN Recap from Jazz @ Nuggets.

D-Will sparks Jazz victory SLCTribune 

Comments on the Smith flagrant foul

Slcdunk recap. 

Jazz Fanatical. 

Deseret News game at a glance

Utah Jazz have fun in Williams return- Jody Genessy.

Morning After Drill- Salt City Hoops. 

Jazz January Woes- Salt City Hoops Infographic


From Elias: Andre Iguodala had 16 assists without committing a turnover on Friday against the Knicks. He's the first 76ers player with more than 15 assists in a game in which he did not commit a turnover since the NBA began tracking turnovers for individuals in the 1977-78 season. The only other NBA players to have such a game this season are Rajon Rondo and Deron Williams.

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Written by Jimmy Bragg | 03 February 2011

Usually a five point win at home against an Eastern Conference team wouldn’t be that big of a deal. However, when you are living in a black hole, I assume that any speck of light would be a welcome sight.

I could easily simply give my opinion on what is wrong with the Jazz right now, shut the laptop and be on my way, but I don’t think anyone would be particularly enthralled by the random observations of yet another “couch expert.”

Instead, I will simply give my opinion on how the last two weeks have been as far as my Jazz fandom goes. In all honesty…it has sucked!

This is a list of things I am confused about:

  • Why we look half-speed
  • Why we don’t know the plays
  • Why we talk about the need to get the ball inside and start the game with six, 20-foot-jump shots.
  • Why CJ isn’t starting
  • Why the Siegfried and Jensen guy hasn’t gotten a haircut
  • Why Bolerjack and Harpring still talk about signage and focus hats when we are down by 20.
  • Why Millsap isn’t a Boozer clone plus better defense
  • Why the magic spray doesn’t help wrist injuries
  • Why we insist on losing to Golden State on the road
  • Why “UTAH” was printed on the butts
  • Why Kirilenko doesn’t play hard every game

I am actually one of those homers that not-so-secretively thought that the Jazz had the chance to win it all the last three years. Even when Memo went down with arguably the worst injury a basketball player can get on the court, I was still hopeful that the bench big guys would step up and show the league why they should be a starter.

This whole “pessimism” thing is all new to me…with the Jazz anyway. I constantly am finding myself marred by frantic frustration every time there is a turnover, or when Raja misses something a normal starting shooting guard would make, or when someone forgets to box out. I have now seen my Jazz dark side and I don’t like it one bit.

So what should I do? I have contemplated just looking at the score after the game is over to see if I really want to watch or not. I have thought about not talking basketball with anyone, just so I don’t bring angst into my workday. Alas, nothing really helps; I am too far gone with Jazz fandom. I am lost in a sea of Jazzwater with nothing to quench my thirst.




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Written by Spencer | 02 February 2011

Big Week for some and a horrible week for others. Ak leads the way, see who else is making strides in the dunk category. Here is last week's 


Written by Spencer | 01 February 2011


From Elias: Paul Millsap scored 30 points, grabbed eight rebounds and had six steals in Utah's win over Minnesota. Only one other player in Jazz history had a game like that: Karl Malone had 34 points, 15 rebounds and six steals in a win against the Rockets on January 18, 1992.


From Elias: The Jazz never trailed in an 83-78 victory over the Bobcats on Monday night. Utah played only one other game in the last two years in which it won by five-or-fewer points and its opponent never held a lead. That took place in a 95-93 triumph over the Knicks at Madison Square Garden on November 9, 2009

True Fans: Part Three Jazz bots. 
Breaking Ankles- Jazz Bots.

Fesenko is Making Strides

Yahoo Caption of the Week Including the Jazz Coaching Staff

A broken record says Paul Millsap is very tough 

As Millsap goes, so do the Jazz. 

Pride pushes Jazz's frontline to better game. 

Everyone is day to day. 

Jazz are the walking wounded. 

The Dream Shake. 

The Rockets Locker

Utah Jazz go inside with Williams out.

Valentines Day Stuff for your favorite Jazz fan

Deron's wrist is making progress

Utah Jazz Championship Odds. Fan House

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Written by Clint Peterson | 01 February 2011

Bell_in_a_Bucket_Dear_RajaA little over a week ago I made much ado over the Jazz's shooting guard position being the biggest hole in the proverbial defensive bucket, advocating a change at the starting 2-spot to try and plug said gaping hole. I followed that up with a recent post that called out Raja Bell for riding an undeserved reputation as a premiere defender for a single laundry-line play for years since.

He has responded. In a big way.

A week ago, the Jazz carried a differential efficiency (the difference between what you and your opponent do, the higher your "+" the better you're doing there) at the SG spot of minus 12 over their last five games, a staggering and by far a team-worst figure, one that could be laid largely at the feet of Bell and his 30-plus minutes-per-game at the position.

Now, there's exciting news and a good sign that the Utah Jazz have recognized their deficiencies and made aggressive moves to rectify them. Over the last three games, the Jazz's SG spot can now boast a positive differential efficiency of +2.0, largely due to Raja's focus on playing much-improved defense.

Bell has gotten under the skin of his last two counterparts, frustrating them offensively and taking them out of their game, helping the team to go 2-1 over it's last three despite the absence of it's best player, Deron Williams. In the two wins, over the Minnesota Timberwolves and Charlotte Bobcats, the SG spot on the Jazz is a combined +11, a vast improvement.

One effort really stands out and has gotten little or no fanfare. This remarkable effort deserves it.

Coming into the game versus the Jazz, the Golden State Warriors boasted the league's 5th-leading scorer as well as top three in steals, one Monta Ellis, who was putting up 25.6 points-per-game, and had had only a single performance this season where he'd not managed to put up double-figures in points, a November game in STAPLES where Ellis played a season low in minutes. D-FENCE

He's been so good an All-Star campaign for him was going strong, not only in the Bay Area but from many league-wide as well.

And then he ran into a re-focused and intense Raja Bell.

The Jazz's former defensive sieve held Monta to two points on 1-9 shooting in Ellis' 32 minutes, the lowest point total for Monta's career in a game in which he played at least 30 minutes.

Bell's outstanding defensive effort on the league's leader in minutes left Ellis sulking on the bench for the 4th quarter hiding under a towel he draped over his head and Warriors fans wishing they "could crawl inside his head" or morph into "a fly on the wall in the locker room."

Although the Jazz lost that particular game, one can't help but wonder what would have happened had they had Stephen Curry-stopper Deron Williams available. Regardless of the outcome, there's little doubt left that the 2-spot has begun to turn it around defensively, something that seems to have keyed an offensive resurgence in Bell as well.

Since the Jazz's losing streak had started, January 17 versus the Washington Wizards, Bell had gone 8 for his last 38 from the floor, a miserable 21%. In the last two games, where Raja got under first Monta's skin then followed it up by frustrating the Charlotte Bobcats' Stephen Jackson, he's gone 9 for his last 18 for 50%.

I don't think I need to state the obvious cliche for you.

The Jazz have finally begun to plug the holes. Here's hoping there's a trickle-up effect on the rest of the team.


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