Written by Spencer | 14 February 2011

We decided to make two separate podcasts this week. One podcast is the Jerry Tribute Line podcast, and the other is the extended Utah Jazz Podcast. Enjoy, Jazz Fans.  

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Written by Clint Peterson | 13 February 2011

You know that burger you had that you never forget? That one that randomly invades your taste-bud memory sending your hand unconsciously digging into your pocket to see if you have a couple of spare bucks? Scaddys_Wayne_Burger

Well, that's a Ferger.

"Their burgers are second to none, especially the Wayne Burger," says one review of the burger at Scaddy's that's the base for the Ferger. Your chance to try this music in your mouth, this double-rainbow on a bun, comes on February 26 when the Utah Jazz play the Detroit Pistons, when 1320 KFAN producer and inventor of the Ferger, Kevin Ferguson, will meet up with Jazz fans at the Salt Lake City Scaddy's location for some good ole fashioned food and fun.

Ferg, as he's affectionately known on the "Flog" (Ferg+live blog), is the glue, the man the behind the glass for 1320 KFAN's off-the-charts-rated afternoon radio program Bolerjack, Locke, and Garrard, and he loves to interact with fans with a sneaky-smooth wit that often acts as a catalyst that causes one to approach a topic from an all new direction. I can say from personal experience that hanging out with Ferg game-time is a blast.

You won't want to miss out on this opportunity for great food, company, and your Utah Jazz!

If you're not into burgers, Scaddy's has a menu full of other items to accomodate you. Even if you don't come to eat, you won't want to miss this chance to interact with fellow fans and Ferg for a game against a team that's always close and exciting for the Jazz.


Saturday, February 26, 2011, Utah Jazz versus Detroit Pistons, 5:30 PM MDT scheduled tip-off


Salt Lake City, Utah Scaddy's location, 1836 S. 300 W. (just north of Home Depot off of the 21st South I-15 freeway exit)


"Best burgers in SLC, amazing fries, and best of all... great service!"


Friends, fans, and Fergers (The Wayne Burger with deep-fried jalapenos. I like mine with pepperjack cheese)

Join us!

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Written by Spencer | 12 February 2011

The Aftermath 

Deron Williams Introductions Video via @blinkjazzfan

Karl Malone on NBATV - Video.

K.O.C. on NBATV- Video

Karl Malone Interview- Audio
Video Here 
Hall of Famer and 2 Time NBA MVP Karl Malone met with the media prior to the Jazz vs Suns game Friday night from Energy Solutions Arena. KFAN of course was there carrying the interview live on the air. For those that missed it or want to hear it again, here are the Mailman's comments about Jerry Sloan's resignation, the state of the organization, and what he thinks should happen going forward from here. 

Salt City Hoops- To Every Hero there is a Villian

SlcDunk Sloan/Johnson Links. Epic.

Corbin era begins with a loss  - Standard Examiner

Tyrone Corbin Bio- At a glance- Trib  

Jazz: With Sloan gone, same result for Jazz.-tons of Pictures

Jazz Fanatical Wraps her head around the situation...or at least tries.

Malone says Sloan would never quit anything USA Today 

Malone Defends Old School- Trib

Corbin's First Pep Talk.  

5 priorities for Corbin as he Replaces Sloan

Jerry Sloan and the top 25 players/coaches MJ kept from winning a Title.

Deron First Loss Post Sloan Video.  

Jazz and Suns post game notes and quotes. 

Tornbysports' reaction


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Written by Clint Peterson | 11 February 2011

Want to show your appreciation for Hall of Fame legend and former Coach of the Year, all-around great guys Jerry Sloan and Phil Johnson, or just vent about the Utah Jazz?

Give us a holler, and leave your thoughts on Jerry and the Jazz. The best will be compiled in an upcoming podcast, so bring your game and let fans know how you feel.

Call 1-877-285-3596, ballers!

And thank you so much, Jerry and Phil! You brought so many of us, everywhere around around the basketball world, the very best every time out there.


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Written by Clint Peterson | 10 February 2011

23 years and the longest tenured coach in all of professional sports. Sloan-_D_Will

And it might just be over.

Panic and speculation is widespread at the moment in Jazz land. After a hard-fought loss to the Chicago Bulls upon scorned former Jazz-man Carlos Boozer's return to Salt Lake City, head coach of the Utah Jazz, Jerry Sloan, didn't emerge for the usual postgame media session. By all accounts, this has never happened before. Ever.





Sloan appearing "shaken up?"

It's Jerry freakin' Sloan!

Jerry Sloan doesn't get "shaken up." Jerry Sloan stills fault lines with a whisper. Jerry Sloan stares at broken tractors 'til they fix themselves.

I've listened to Jerry Sloan literally thousands of times, while following his entire career as the head coach of the Jazz. And he's never sounded this subdued, this quiet, when he speaks. This is a man that has shrugged off a rampaging owner dozens of times past.

The reports are that Sloan and his coaching staff met with Jazz general manager Kevin O'Connor, and that the team will have "more on that later." The meeting was not with the players. Sloan also said "we're not lookin' to trade anybody," but as Jazz fans know, the brass can pop one on you when you're not looking. Last season, Ronnie Brewer was literally on the plane and didn't get off when informed that he was being traded for believing it a prank.

So what could shake up Sloan? Not much. Unless it was that he was informed that it might be best for the franchise if he took up farming full-time. As one tweeter put it:


We're talking about a mutual resignation here more than a flat-out firing; it wouldn't be in Sloan's nature to quit on a job half done. It would take some serious prodding from higher up to convince Jerry that he'd run his last race. The speculation ramped up a notch with the report that a scheduled pratice for the following day had been canceled.

When, as the captain of a ship that's out to sea without it's owner, as Kevin O'Connor has been this for much of this season, and your franchise player is regularly roasting your head coach in the media after games with comments like "I don't know. You'd have to ask him," and "It's never been in his characteristics to change anything," while he's watching super teams forming around him, and that day of reckoning comes, you have to make the tough choices.

When it comes down to Jerry or Deron, whose corner are you in? What's the right decision, the one that's best for the franchise and gives you the best shot at holding down your job?

One thing is for sure, barely any free agents have actually chosen Utah as a destination, Carlos Boozer being the biggest FA signing in franchise history, so if you stand to lose your all-star for his being discontent, the chances you ever replace him outside of the lottery are thinner than the ice the team is skating on at the moment. For a small-market team like Utah that would be a death knell. The franchise depends on making the playoffs to survive; an extended .500-or-under streak would certainly do 'em in.

What about that extension "signed just the other day," you ask? It wasn't "just the other day." It was first reported August of 2010, I've no idea why it suddenly resurfaced the other day, even though it did take a few weeks from that August date to actually put pen to paper. It's still been several weeks since the deal was sealed.

Assuming that Sloan is out, who's in?

Probably not Sloan-lifer and assistant Phil Johnson. He's said repeatedly that he prefers the back seat nowadays, and has hinted over the years that when Jerry is done, so is he. Back in 2006, when asked about the open invitation from now deceased owner Larry H. Miller to step seamlessly into Sloan's loafers when he was done, Johnson said, "Well, he can say that all he wants. I don't like to talk about it, I really don't. It's not something that I really spend a lot of time thinking about." Johnson has maintained this stance staunchly over the years. It's likely he'd retire altogether when Sloan does.

The most likely candidate to take over would be former Jazz man, and now assistant Tyrone Corbin, whose name has been bantered about quite a bit over the last couple of years as a head coaching possibility for a handful of NBA teams, including interviews with both the New Orleans Hornets and Phoenix Suns. His name pops up about every second or third head coaching vacancy at this point.

Of course, this is all speculation until later on Thursday at the earliest, but seriously, something went down in the bowels of the Energy Solutions Arena after the Jazz have gone 16-18 in their last 34 games, something that shook up normally unflappable Jerry Sloan. And there's few things that could do that to a man of Sloan's stature.

The irony of Sloan having never won the "cursed" Coach of the Year Award, yet potentially losing his job shortly after a Hall of Fame induction is too thick for me swallow.




Discussion called "heat of the moment occurence"


Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan [and Phil Johnson] to retire

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Written by Spencer | 09 February 2011

Untitled from MLMarchitect on Vimeo.

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Written by Clint Peterson | 09 February 2011

Booz_v_Sap And now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the main event.

In the red corner, six-nine, 266 pounds, the pride of Juneau, Alaska, two-time all-star and former Jazz man, the Bull in a china shop, Car (roll the "r") los Booooooozerrr!

And in the navy blue corner, the challenger, six-eight, 250 pounds, Louisiana's second son, undefeated up-and-comer, the Miami Miracle Man, Paul Milllsaaap!

For the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching around the world (Blah, blah, blah... you know the rest. Besides, I don't feel like getting sued by Michael Buffer today)...

Many were sure Paul Millsap would step right into the "dearly" departed Carlos Boozer's 20/10 role for the Utah Jazz. So, here's how they stack up in the 2010-11 season in the tale of the tape:


Many fans will key in on the far right, games played, and stop right there. However, despite playing 20 less games Boozer has pulled in only 77 less total rebounds this season, 329 for Booz to 406 for Sap. This has been the most glaring drop-off in Millsap's game this year, unusual for an NCAA rebounding legend, and it's shown in the box scores and Jazz rebound rankings. Sap_v_Booz

Boozer's game hasn't changed with the move to the Windy City. Millsap's has.

With an increased range to his game, coupled with a want to stay on the floor after carrying one of the highest foul rates in the league last season, Millsap's game has gone mid-range on us. It shows in the numbers in not only his reduced, career-lows total rebounding and fouls rates, but also the career-low blocks and turnover rates, as well as a career second-least per-36-minutes free throws attempted.

Millsap's offense, points-per-game and AST% are at career highs, though, as well as his Player Efficiency Rating, at 19.9 to Boozer's 21.5 (slightly higher than his career PER of 20.9).

The Jazz struggle in pick-and-defense, badly. Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer run a deadly PnR, something to watch for tonight with the scouting reports having fully circulated at this point.


Here we see that both players are among the league leaders at the power forward position in differential efficiency, a measurement of production between one player and their opponent. Boozer again holds the overall edge, individually.

The Chicago Bulls as a team, however, behind first-year head coach Tom Thibodeau and his defense-first mindedness, have managed to become the league's leader in Defensive Rating. The Jazz as a team this season at the PF spot are a net -1.8 diff. efficiency per-game; very probably a reflection of the lessened impact Millsap has had on the defensive end of the floor.

How do the pair stack up in the split stats categories (road and home, and versus the opposing conference/division)?


Yikes. On paper this is turning into a mismatch in the 94x50-foot ring.

But don't panic. Most likely, we won't be seeing too much straight-up Booz-on-Sap action; there will be a lot of switches on defense where Millsap will draw Bulls' starting center  6'9" Kurt Thomas and backup PF Taj Gibson, who split a lot of minutes in the frontcourt, while Al Jefferson gets Boozer.

Can you say "Pump fake'd!"

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Written by Spencer | 09 February 2011

Big Al has been "Doing Work", and we have a new leader in the "Little Man" category.  Here is last weeks Meter.


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Written by Spencer | 09 February 2011

 A Day late, but here you go. 

Utah Jazz @ Sacramento Kings 2-8-11 from MLMarchitect on Vimeo.

Utah Jazz Comeback again in the fourth quarter to beat the Sacramento Kings.

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