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More and more people get interested in playing casino games. Some of them play to entertain themselves while others gamble to earn cash. You might be already aware in some of the games but not everyone has the same taste. The most played games are in the form of cards, dice and slot machines. If you want to try your luck in other types of games, then learn from these following popular casino games.

Poker - Poker is a type of card game. To play this, you need to have a thorough understanding of the card value and various hand gestures. All cards are counted according to their face value, Ace being the highest valued card. This game has multiple variations; just choose the one that suits you best.

Blackjack - This is another type of card game. Also known as Twenty-One, Blackjack is one of the most played games and probably one of the easiest to learn. However, this type of game involves a certain degree of skill and may take a lifetime to master the strategies in playing the best odds.

Bingo - Lottery style games are also another popular casino games and that includes bingo. Bingo is what others call a game of chance. It is played with a card that has randomly drawn numbers. Once a number that matches your card is called, you mark it off until you meet the specified pattern from the numbers that are drawn. You have to shout out "Bingo" and win!

Slots - This is one of the games that players do for fun. In the slot machines, you don't need to be extra intelligent just to win. All you have to do is place a bet, pull the handle and wait for the results. If the images in the rows are in pairs, identical or in matching symbols, then you win a jackpot. While it gives you maximum entertainment, this is also one fast way to either make money or lose it.

Roulette - Roulette is another popular casino game wherein the croupier rolls a ball after spinning the wheel. The roulette wheel is generally crowded and players may bet on a range of numbers from the sections of the wheel. This may be a noisy game but most players prefer to play this to relax at the same time to enjoy and to win.

This is just few of the many game options you'll find in a casino. Whether you play for entertainment or money, always remember that gaming is something you do for fun and not for addiction.

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Things are heating up in this season’s NBA, as we near the end of the regular season and approach the play-offs, and this means that things are also heating up for those interested in betting on the winner of the title. There are several sides in realistic contention for it, but with just a month of the regular season left to go; those betting can begin to get a clearer idea of which teams have the form and strength to go all the way.

When it comes to the Eastern Conference, Miami Heat are on top of the league and clear favourites to win not just that, but also the NBA title. Although the odds vary, the best you can get on them are 6/4, and with 47 wins in the Conference and a win percentage of 0.770, they will be a hard team for anyone to beat. In the Western Conference, the San Antonio Spurs top the table, but are behind second placed Oklahoma City Thunder, when it comes to the odds for the NBA. Oklahoma have been in superb Conference form recently, which may account for their 7/2 odds, but they are missing James Harden – which could affect their chances of overhauling the Spurs and of winning the NBA title.

San Antonio has demonstrated that they are real contenders, not just for the Conference, but also for the NBA, with improved defence this season – and 13/2 will look attractive to many. Whoever you opt for, it won’t be without risk, but this is true of any kind of betting. Of course some carry less risk of ending up out of pocket than others, with a basketball online casino game like Slam Dunk being a good example of this. The game an be found at online casinos like www.ipadcasino.co.nz. The reason you have less chance of ending up with nothing by playing this game is because the wild symbol (the number 23 jersey) can substitute for any other missing symbol to create a winning reel – which improves your odds of securing a payout. Thus, what you opt for will depend on how great a risk you want from your basketball betting.

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Utah Jazz Fan GM (Over)-Analysis

WRITTEN BY PETER J. NOVAK | August 10, 2012

New General Manager Jazz Fan Orientation

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

Thank you for all your hard work Kevin O’Connor, now please take your red stapler and the rest of your belongings and move your stuff to the office in the basement.  Welcome aboard Dennis Lindsey, are you all settled in yet?  Have you gone through the office supply catalog and picked out your calendar, your pen caddy and your new Utah Jazz business cards?  Good.  Time to get to work.

By now Mr. Lindsey, as the brand spanking new General Manager of the Utah Jazz (at least in title), you’ve made the rounds in the Jazz offices, you’ve shaken everybody’s hand, you’ve kissed all their babies, you’ve schmoozed the media (a job well done I might add), you’ve met with the information technology department and received a tutorial on your 1990’s Windows 3.0 based computer, and you’ve filled out all of your human resource forms.  You should be all locked in and ready to transform the Utah Jazz into the championship contender the fan base is confident you will deliver.

However, Mr. Lindsey before you are set completely loose, please take a moment of your time and try to understand the desires of the Utah Jazz fan base.  We all know that Gail and Greg Miller will keep you for life so long as you work hard at your job but please just humor us a bit and consider our needs as the loyal fans of Utah’s only professional sports franchise.  After this brief orientation we will leave you alone to do your work and only return to raise our voices again when you do something really dumb…or if you do something really smart…or when you don’t do anything at all…or when you do something that should have been done before…or when you order Café Rio for lunch… or…well…you get the idea.

So without further adieu, here are your first five assignments from your loyal Jazz fan base:

#1 Acquire a Future Point Guard:  Jazz fans love our point guards.  We’ve been spoiled.  For 28 out of the past 31 NBA seasons the Jazz have been guided by either Rickey Green, John Stockton or Deron Williams.  All of these point guards have had all-star caliber careers and one of which is the greatest pure point guard of all time (Off-Topic :  by adding the word “pure” it takes Magic Johnson out of the conversation).  Since Deron Williams was traded, the Jazz have yet to fill the void.  We thought Devin Harris might be that guy.  He had an all-star year previously for the Nets, but he was not the right fit in Utah.  O’Connor has brought back Mo Williams to try to fill the spot, but Mo is coming off the worse season of his career.  A season in which Mo was not a starter not to mention that he will be turning 30 later this year.

The Jazz need a young point guard to groom with our Core Four (Off-Topic:  “Core Four” is our catchy/corny little nickname we’ve come up with to refer to Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter and Alec Burks.  Off-Off-Topic:  if you trade one of those four guys you may have some crazy Jazz fan threaten to cut you with a knife).  The average age of the Core Four is 21 years old.  Regardless of how well Mo Williams plays next year, he will be long retired once the Core Four hits its prime.

There are some people who may argue that an elite point guard is no longer needed to win in the NBA.  LeBron James didn’t have one last year.  Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant never played with one.  Regardless, the Jazz fans need one.  It is kind of our thing.  We like to see unselfish guard play set up the rest of our team.  So we beg of you, please trade for a point guard we can peg our future to.  Or please sign one.  Or at the very least please be seen in college arenas this year scouting out top college point guard prospects.

#2 Trade Paul Millsap or Al Jefferson or Both:  This suggestion may help you with #1 above, but we as fans are ready to transition to the Derrick Favors era.  It is time.  You said in your introductory press conference that Derrick Favors “made six or seven plays in the San Antonio series that we were shaking our knees  that there’s very few guys that can make those types of plays” (Off-Topic:  Jazz fans will not forget that quote, we will hold it over your head forever).  A player of that ability needs to start and he needs to play the bulk of every game he is a part of.  However, as long as Millsap and Jefferson are on the team, Favors will differ to their veteran presence and not demand more.  That is just part of his good southern values, something I am sure you know all about.  While it is noble for Favors to defer to the veterans in front of him, it is holding back his development long-term.  He needs court time and he needs to be given more touches on offense.  Until that happens we won’t know if Favors is the next Dwight Howard or the next Emeka Okafor.

Now do not get me wrong, Jazz fans love Millsap.  O’Connor stole him in the second round from the same university where we drafted our all time best player, Karl Malone.  Furthermore, Jazz fans respect Jefferson.  We may not all be so fond of his game, but he is a good guy and gives maximum effort.  However, with both of these guys playing their final year in their contracts, there is a good chance that one or both of them walk away next off-season and leave the Jazz without anything to show for it.  So please, get on the phone and make some calls.  Go get us our future point guard or get us some future draft picks.

#3 Don’t Re-Sign Josh Howard:  For the love of all that is holy, do not re-sign Josh Howard.  He was terrible last year.  Furthermore, his history of knee injuries crept up once again and put him on the sideline for a big chunk of last season.  The Jazz have depth at small forward now.  Marvin Williams is a serviceable starter.  DeMarre Carroll plays with hustle that Jazz fans truly appreciate.  Gordon Hayward and Paul Millsap (if you keep him) can all log minutes at small forward.  The Jazz are four deep at small forward right now, there is no point adding a fifth.

I understand that one of the modus operandi of the Spurs was investing in veteran reclamation projects.  What you guys did with Boris Diaw and Stephen Jackson last year was amazing.  You must know however, that if you re-sign Josh Howard, Coach Corbin will play him heavy minutes, all to the detriment of the development of the Core Four.  So please repeat with me “I WILL NOT RE-SIGN JOSH HOWARD”.  Thank you!

#4 Find and Name a Team Captain: Last season Corbin went the whole year without naming a team captain.  I would hazard a guess that Corbin did not think that any of the players on his roster would command the respect as the team leader over the rest of the crew.  He may have been right.

As Gandhi once said “…a rudderless ship, [is] bound to break to pieces on coming in contact with the very first rock.”  While the Jazz may have bonded together and earned a playoff spot, the lack of leadership played a role in our embarrassing 4-0 first round playoff sweep to the Spurs.  It was in the midst of that series that Jefferson, our alleged best player, was quoted as saying that the Spurs were unbeatable.  It is times like that that team leadership is needed the most to stay the course and bring everyone back on board.

That being said the Jazz may have their leader this year in Mo Williams.  Or perhaps Gordon Hayward takes another step in his development and becomes more assertive in a leadership role.  Either option may or may not pan out, but until this team has a confident take charge leader like Stockton and Malone or Duncan, Ginobili and Parker, we will be lucky to escape the first round of the playoffs.

#5 Put on a Smile: Lastly, Jazz fans are excited to have you here.  We love your Spurs pedigree.  We hate the Spurs organization, but only because they are so good a beating us.  It is laudable what the Spurs have accomplished as a small market organization.  Jazz fans respect that.  We understand that part of what has made the Spurs so successful is the cohesiveness of the organization and their ability to keep their business in house.  We understand that as our General Manager you will keep many secrets from us until the very last minute.  We are ok with that that is part of your job.  However, please at least make us believe that you enjoy your job and all of the duties that come with it, even speaking with the media.  Following the Utah Jazz as fans is an outlet for us, a form of entertainment and it should be fun.  It is fun!  Are you having fun yet?

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2012 NBA Summer League Game Schedule:

Monday, July 9, 2012

11:00 a.m. Brooklyn Orlando
1:00 p.m. Boston OKC
3:00 p.m. Utah Detroit
5:00 p.m. Indiana Philadelphia

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

11:00 a.m. Philadelphia Utah
1:00 p.m. Indiana OKC
3:00 p.m. Detroit Orlando
5:00 p.m. Brooklyn Boston

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

11:00 a.m. Indiana Boston
1:00 p.m. OKC Detroit
3:00 p.m. Brooklyn Philadelphia
5:00 p.m. Utah Orlando

Thursday, July 12, 2012

11:00 a.m. Detroit Boston
1:00 p.m. Brooklyn OKC
3:00 p.m. Indiana Utah
5:00 p.m. Philadelphia Orlando

Friday, July 13, 2012

8:00 a.m. Utah OKC
10:00 a.m. Boston Orlando
12:00 p.m. Philadelphia Detroit
2:00 p.m. Indiana Brooklyn

All Times listed are PACIFIC

Friday July 13
• COX Pavilion
1 PM -- Atlanta vs. Washington
3 PM -- Houston vs. Toronto
5 PM -- Golden State vs. LA Lakers
7 PM -- Sacramento vs. Charlotte

Saturday July 14
COX Pavilion
1 PM -- Memphis vs. New York
3 PM -- Golden State vs. Denver
5 PM -- LA Lakers vs. Sacramento
7 PM -- Houston vs. Washington

Sunday July 15
COX Pavilion
1 PM -- New York vs. Phoenix
3 PM -- Denver vs. Dallas
5 PM -- San Antonio vs. Atlanta
7 PM -- Washington vs. NBA D-League

• Thomas & Mack
3:30 PM -- Toronto vs. Miami
5:30 PM -- Cleveland vs. Charlotte
7:30 PM -- New Orleans vs. Portland

Monday July 16
COX Pavilion
1 PM -- Atlanta vs. Boston
3 PM -- Dallas vs. Toronto
5 PM -- Cleveland vs. NBA D-League
7 PM -- LA Clippers vs. Minnesota

Thomas & Mack
3:30 PM -- Houston vs. Sacramento
5:30 PM -- LA Lakers vs. Miami
7:30 PM -- Milwaukee vs. New Orleans

Tuesday July 17
COX Pavilion
1 PM -- Denver vs. New York
3 PM -- Washington vs. Memphis
5 PM -- Portland vs. Houston
7 PM -- Chicago vs. Boston

Thomas & Mack
3:30 PM -- San Antonio vs. LA Lakers
5:30 PM -- Cleveland vs. Phoenix
7:30 PM -- Minnesota vs. Charlotte

Wednesday July 18
COX Pavilion
1 PM -- Milwaukee vs. Washington
3 PM -- Chicago vs. Houston
5 PM -- Atlanta vs. Dallas
7 PM -- San Antonio vs. LA Clippers

Thomas & Mack
3:30 PM -- Sacramento vs. Toronto
5:30 PM -- New Orleans vs. Phoenix
7:30 PM -- Golden State vs. Miami

Thursday July 19
COX Pavilion
1 PM -- New York vs. Toronto
3 PM -- Portland vs. Atlanta
5 PM -- Cleveland vs. Minnesota
7 PM -- NBA D-League vs. Milwaukee

Thomas & Mack
3:30 PM -- Boston vs. Sacramento
5:30 PM -- LA Clippers vs. LA Lakers
7:30 PM -- Charlotte vs. Denver

Friday July 20
COX Pavilion
1 PM -- New York vs. Cleveland
3 PM -- Denver vs. Portland
5 PM -- Miami vs. San Antonio
7 PM -- NBA D-League vs. Phoenix

Thomas & Mack
3:30 PM -- Memphis vs. Charlotte
5:30 PM -- Chicago vs. Golden State
7:30 PM -- Dallas vs. New Orleans

Saturday July 21
COX Pavilion
1 PM -- Portland vs. Miami
3 PM -- Dallas vs. San Antonio
5 PM -- NBA D-League vs. Minnesota
7 PM -- Memphis vs. Phoenix

Thomas & Mack
3:30 PM -- Golden State vs. New Orleans
5:30 PM -- Chicago vs. LA Clippers
7:30 PM -- Milwaukee vs. Boston

Sunday July 22
COX Pavilion
1 PM -- Chicago vs. Milwaukee
3 PM -- Boston vs. LA Clippers
5 PM -- Memphis vs. Minnesota

All Times listed are PACIFIC

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