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Al Jefferson Stats Breakdown from LockedonSports

Locke is fantastic with stats. I also like that he has broken it down into categories instead of throwing it all into one post. It is difficult to write “sloany” stat filled posts. Those of you reading that have tried, know what I am talking about.

Jerry Sloan #2 on the Free Agent Coaches List. Tom Ziller
It is safe to say that for the next five years, Jerry Sloan’s name will come up every time there is a opening. I get it, but how interested is he really?

One-on-One with Kerem Kanter: More than Just Enes’s little brother
Some very interesting comments from Kanter’s brother. I don’t know how we would get him here or even how good he is, but he watches every Jazz game and is probably going to be an NBA player soon.

Point Guard Drivin League: Tim Cowlishaw
This goes back to the Devin Harris decision, if you could call it that.

Kyle Korver Anyone? From Bulls.com
Would Kyle Korver come back to the Jazz? It looks like the Bulls are going to have a hard time resigning everyone. He is right in our range price wise.

Kyle Korver: He had a good season, ranking in the top 10 in three point shooting again, but suffered a foot injury late in the regular season that worsened in the playoffs and he basically was unable to play in Game 6, though the team declined to discuss specifics. Korver is one of the league’s best perimeter shooters and an improving defender, so there’ll be good a market for him if the Bulls let him go. “We went in every day as a team believing we would win a championship,” said Korver. “We really went for it. We put everything into it every day. So it makes it a really tough finish. This team has a really bright future. Obviously, we need Derrick to come back healthy and strong, which we all think he will. There are some really great pieces. They told me they’d like to bring me back, but (I know) it will come to dollars. It’s a privilege to wear a Bulls uniform. It’s really an honor. I watched the Bulls growing up. To be part of an organization like that is great. The Bulls are first class in every way, great people, organization, culture and a great place to play basketball. Chicago is an amazing place for sports. Obviously, I’d love to be back, but we’ll see.”

Chance to return: 30 percent

@AndyBlarsen  @Slcdunk Debut on the Downbeat 

I Love Andy. We had him on a Podcast about a month ago, and he knows his stuff. He is a huge addition to the Jazz community. I would be lying if I didn’t say he has been heavily recruited by all Jazz sites since about the third grade. ;) He is like a blue chip.

@Monilogue Jazz Fanatical and your AK fix 

The rumors are flying around that AK may want to comeback. I just don’t know if we have/want to spend the money that he is looking for. However we have already given him 91.5 Million dollars.