Larry H. Miller Group buying The Zone, hopes to create sports radio ‘powerhouse’

I can guarantee three things out of this deal. First, drama. I know that most of these guys are professionals, but I also know that most radio guys have to have a little ego that needs to be stroked. It comes with the territory. It will be interesting to see who stays, who goes, and where do they go.
Second, with only one pony in town who will they race. I don’t know if you could call it a race, but it will be interesting to get a particular point of view.
ESPN700 just crapped their pants because of an automatic increase in listeners. Channel flippers, commercial switches, and bad topic switches.

Ron Boone @1041straight droppin knowledge like college. Ron played 13 years in the league, he knows his stuff. It doesn’t always come out right, but when given time he has very good and informative.

Blake Ahearn, unknown but incredible!!
I love the guys that post on 360, a lot of the regular writers have started there including: Jimbo Rudding, Diana Allen, David J Smith, Andy B Larsen... Patrick keep it up we appreciate it.

POLL: In 5 years, Enes Kanter will b
It is fun to contemplate the future of our players, I would have to say that Kanter is a solid starter. I don’t think he will ever be a an all star, which is not a big deal to me, but to most fans that will be a failure. What are your thoughts.

Chenelle Represents the Utah Jazz Dancers on the Hottest Cheerleader list from HoopDoctor.com

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Utah Jazz: Fledgling foursome could be future franchise staples
SALT LAKE CITY — Right before the start of the Utah-San Antonio series, TNT analyst Charles Barkley, talking about the Jazz, declared, "That's the best young team in the NBA. From a talent standpoint, they are the best young team. I love their talent."
I think that OKC has, and is, the best young talent in the NBA. I don’t want to take anything away from our guys at all, I just want to be realistic. Our four young players are good, but I only think one of them has a shot at the HOF (Favors). OKC has three future HOF’s Durant is a lock, even if he doesn’t win a ring. Westbrook for sure, but will hold onto Durant’s coat tails.  Harden is a very likely HOF candidate if he plays for ten or so years at his current level. Mind you these are projections without major injuries and a nine to twelve year career.

Bobcats Continue Coach search.... Jerry Sloan comments.

Somewhere a Fanzz employes is saying, “What the Hell?”