USA - Speculation mounts on select team; extension confirmed

NEW YORK (Olympics) - The USA Select team has been a vital part of the country's return to the top of international basketball with many members having graduated to the senior side coached by Mike Krzyzewski.

Though the select squad has yet to be announced, there is media speculation that the Americans are planning to include New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin and others with stardom in their future.

If reports are true, Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors (both Utah), DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento), Klay Thompson (Golden State), Kyrie Irving (Cleveland), John Wall (Washington), DeMar DeRozan (Toronto), Paul George (Indiana), Kawhi Leonard and DeJuan Blair (San Antonio), Ryan Anderson (Orlando) and Taj Gibson (Chicago) will also be invited.

Meanwhile, USA Basketball confirmed on Monday that the country's Olympic Committee (USOC) had granted a two-week extension for the naming of the 12 players who will travel to London and compete at the Olympics.

Four players on the Olympic team have removed themselves because of injuries or mental breakdowns. The recent addition of some of our local players is a cause for speculation. Here are the injuries: Rose, Billups, Alldrige, and Howard and Odom due to mental breakdowns.  Two point guards, two forwards/centers and a true center. If you look at the list of players that have been added to the select team, there are only three players that could fill the center position left by Howard/LMA/Odom; Favors, Cousins and Blair. I am not saying that Favors is going to play on the Olympic team, I am speculating at the openings and the recent additions. There are two spots to fill with three players to fill those spots. I think the odds are forever in Favors favor. It is possible that he could fill one of the Forward spots for Alldridge or Odom as well.  Hayward does not look like a replacement for Rose or Billups. When you look at the full roster below, it looks like a tough spot for Hayward to be in. Hayward is four years away at least. 

UPDATE: Anthony Davis is not on the list below and would get the nod before the Select Team.