We don't see road wins very often anymore, last night was only the fourth of the season. I know that the Cavs are not a good team, but a road win is a road win. Last night marked the sixth time that Gordon Hayward has hit the 20 point mark in his young career. The Utah Jazz are 5-1 in those games. Hayward showed me three things last night:

First, he followed Ty's requests, showing that he would take one for the team.  
Second, he played like he was pissed at the change. He should be pissed.  
Third, he showed some "Nasty". His anger showed up in his good play. 

Utah Jazz\'s Gordon Hayward (20) splits the defense of Cleveland Cavaliers\' Ramon Sessions (3), Alonzo Gee (33) and Tristan Thompson (13) for a basket in the first quarter of an NBA basketball game in Cleveland on Monday, March 5, 2012. (Associated Press)
 I this point I don't know if the Corbin knows what the Front Office wants. I am not saying I know that this is true, I just get the feeling that he trying to win every game because that's the kind of coach he is. I don't see a coach who is getting enough information to plan for the long term or even until the end of the month. Like usual, I could be wrong. We always got the feeling from LHM and Sloan that they were involved and talked about trades, pics, signings and what not. I have not got the feeling that Greg and Corbin are in the same situation. Why is this relevant you ask? Because if he does not have a road map of where the team wants to go, he is basically driving solo doing the best he can, hence the Hayward change.

Coming into last night, Hayward had started every game this season and has averaged 27 minutes a night. Last night he played his average of 27 minutes. He also scored 23 points on 8-11 shooting and had five assists, four rebounds and one steal. He played like he had been snubbed from the All-star team or had just been pulled from the starting rotation. This change would fall into Sloan's famous words,"It doesn't matter who starts, it matters who finishes." This will be interesting as it plays out. 

Hayward showed some "Nasty." I like a pissed off GH it is good for him to play with a chip on his shoulder. Last night may have been the first time in a while that he played with a chip on his shoulder. I don't know how long this will last, but I know that last night was a great move by TC.
Al Jefferson had a career high in assists with seven. I know it is not a lot but Al has improved his APG every year since coming into the league. Right now his AST% is at 12.1 also a career high. Al is also having an incredible year taking care of the ball and is on pace to break the all time NBA record in least ammount of turnovers in a season. 

The game was not perfect, and I think we all knew that the Cavs would make a comeback, and the Jazz handled the run. We beat a team that were supposed to beat on paper. 

Stat of the Night... Last night was our best three point shooting night of the season % wise. The Utah Jazz shot 5-9 for 55%

(Associated Press)