Thank You Kris.

Over the past five years you have challenged me. You probably knew it, but maybe you didn't. I never said it openly or publicly, but it was there. It wasn't a challenge of power, or a challenge of strength, but a challenge of continuity and effort. No matter how late I stayed up, you were up later. No matter how early I woke up to write a recap or share my thoughts, you found an angle that I hadn't thought of.  You found articles translated from Russian or videos of C.J. dancing in an obscure back room in Vegas. If there was Jazz news to be found, you found it. You challenged me to be better. 

Over the past five years you were humble, gracious, and kind. You showed patience during the down times, and stayed calm during the high times. You sent every tweet with purpose, and laced them with a hint of sarcasm. You kept a watchful eye on information, and a critical mind on your writing. 

Your efforts have connected thousands of Utah Jazz fans around the world. SLCDUNK became a morning routine. It became a cup of coffee, the morning paper, and the standard for which I pushed myself to achieve. Not only did you create a standard, you did it all while keeping the fan safe in an environment for people to share, argue, fight, think, grow, and become stronger, smarter, and more critical thinking Utah Jazz fans. I applaud you for your efforts. 

Kris, you have been a huge part of the Utah Jazz community and we will truly miss you and all that you do for us and our fanhood.

Thank you for every tweet, post, story, picture, and comment.

Thank You, SLCDUNK 

From Spencer (The Utah Jazz Blog)