Q and A with Michael A. De Leon from @Projectspurs

1.How will Pops' experience play out against 1st year coach Tyrone Corbin?

Pop is one of the best at making adjustments out of timeouts and he knows his personnel well. If something isn't working, he knows there's someone, especially on such a deep team, that can change things up for him. Corbin is a smart coach and he has a great staff behind him, but Pop's Pop and there is definitely an advantage there.

2.What Jazz player do you fear has his "coming out party" during this playoffs?

Gordon Hayward. The Jazz already have a mismatch inside, especially if they use their big lineup, but if they get their shots falling outside, that'll be a problem. If we see the same Devin Harris that gave Parker fits when he was with the Mavs, that could also be a bit alarming.

3.What do you think the most critical on court matchup is?

I really like Parker vs. Harris and Duncan vs. Jefferson. Parker can hold his own and is an MVP candidate. I'm hoping we keep saying the same throwback Tim we saw this season. He'll have to knock down that midrange jumper to keep Jefferson honest.

4. Is there adjustments that the Spurs would have to/plan to make in lue of Hayward and Favors surge to end the season?

Pop has experimented with Diaw starting next to Duncan. He likes his defense and his versatility in being able to shoot outside and mix it up inside. He'll start today's game.

5. Although the sample sizes are small, the Jazz have been tremendous with the Millsap/Favors/Jefferson on the floor? What kind of problems will/could this cause for the Spurs. Could this lineup change the outcome or prolong the series?

The Spurs have had their issues against bigger teams and against big rebounding teams. They'll have to space Tim out a bit to make sure they make that frontcourt less effective, but it's something that could cause some problems for the Spurs. Pop will have to counter with Duncan, Splitter and Diaw or Leonard.

6.It's been mentioned Pop might or could go small ball to counter the Jazz beastly lineup forcing the Jazz hand against the 3pt shot. Curious?

That's just a sign of Pop and his ability to make adjustments. With Diaw in at the four, Milsap will be left outside of the post where he isn't as effective.

7. While we have seen the decline of individual players, (Duncan specifically) we have not seen a decline in the Spurs as a team?

Understanding that culture is essential to that success; what advise would you give a franchise that has a rather new owner and coach? Find a solid foundation and continue building around that and around a team culture. The Spurs have managed to stay competitive even though they haven't picked up marquee free agents. They find players that buy in and who will work hard towards that ultimate goal. The Jazz have some good pieces to start with.

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