*This post doesn’t include any stats or insights from last nights Spurs/Jazz game.

The Jazz went 2-2 last week and made their already upward climb towards the playoffs even steeper. They started their week with a solid win in Portland, but got Nash’d in SLC, barely beat the Warriors at home, and came up short in San Antonio. Not the best week, but then again they were literally tenths of a second away from possibly going 3-1.

Devin Harris

Last Week’s Line: 18.3 points (48%), 5 assists (.3 TO’s), 1.7 steals

Devin was second in scoring last week, and likely would have been first had he not sprained his ankle vs the Blazers limiting him to just 14 minutes that game (in which he scored 9 points). Overall, it was another good week for our starting point guard. His assist numbers weren’t great, but he still led the team and had only 1 turnover all week (3 games).  His most notable improvement however has been his shooting, specifically from downtown. Harris went 8 of 17 from three last week (47%) nailing them on kick outs and in transition. You have to wonder how the rest of the season went if Harris was shooting like this.

CJ Miles

Last Week’s Line:  8.8 points (47%), 2.5 rebounds, 1.5 assists

Miles shot a much better percentage from the field last week, but his scoring was still as inconsistent as ever with games of 4, 22, 2, and 7 points. This is no surprise for Jazz fans, it’s something that we have come to expect. @carty64 and Locke both make some interesting points on twitter.


That 8% translates to 6.5 games a year. Now, I don’t expect him to score 20 points every other game, but 6 or 7 times a season? I feel like he can do better than that. Miles strained his calf vs the Spurs and isn’t being reevaluated for a week or so, meaning if we don’t make the playoffs he might not play another game this year. Has CJ played his final game in Jazz uniform?

Gordon Hayward

Last Week’s Line: 16.5 points (51%), 5 rebounds, 2.3 assists (1.3 TOs)

Gordon played his third straight week of great basketball, which has probably turned out to be his best stretch of basketball in his short career. He simply gets it done, and he does it from almost every aspect of the game. He can score, he’s one of the team’s best defenders and passers, his rebounding has improved much since Howard went out, even his three point shot is starting to fall again (40% last week). I think it’s safe to say that Hayward is a top 3 player on this team.


Paul Millsap

Last Week’s Line: 17.5 points (54%), 7.3 rebounds, 2.3 assists (3.3 TO’s), 1.3 steals

Paul started the week as a runaway favorite for the PoW putting up 31 and 11 vs the Blazers and 25 and 8 vs the Suns. Then something hit him, apparently a stomach virus, and he collected just 14 points and 10 rebounds in the next two games combined. His game vs the Spurs was his worst of the season and might have been one of his worst performances ever, he scored just 2 points (1 of 8 shooting) and had only 3 rebounds. Hopefully he gets healthy this week and bounces back, we’ll need him.


Al Jefferson

Last Week’s Line: 19.5 points (48% shooting), 9.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists (.8 TO’s), 2.3 blocks

I’m not sure where the Jazz would be without Jefferson this season. He has definitely shot us out of a few games, but he has probably been the most consistent player of the year and is always in contention for PoW. Once again he led the team in points, rebounds, and blocks. Al also had an assist to turnover ratio of 3.1:1. I took a look at some of Al’s numbers this year and he is putting up career highs in PER (23.1), Assists Per 36 (2.3), Assist % (12.8%), Turnovers Per 36 (1.2), Turnover % (5.8%), Free Throw % (77.5%), and even Three Point % (25%). Talk about having a career year.

Earl Watson 

Last Week’s Line: 1.3 points (10%), 3.5 assists (.5 TO’s), 2.8 rebounds, 1 steal

This is why I love Earl.


Besides having an awesome assists to turnover ratio (7:1) Earl had a pretty rough week. He made just one shot all week and is out for the season thanks to a knee injury he suffered in San Antonio. Earl may only play 3 seasons for the Jazz (under contract for next season) but he will go down as one of my favorite players to watch. It was tough watching him struggle to come back from injury this year after he started the season so great. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

Jamaal Tinsley

Last Week’s Line: 5.8 points (35%), 4 assists (2 TO’s), 1.3 rebounds, 1 steal

Without Tinsley the Jazz may have gone 1-3 last week as he had a key steal vs tin the final moments vs the Blazers. While he doesn’t put up big numbers, he can efficiently run the second unit while making big plays here or there. It really is incredible how he went from the last guy on the roster to one of our most important players. The Jazz are making a final push for the post-season and Tinsley won’t have room to slump with Earl out indefinitely.


Alec Burks

Last Week’s Line: 5.5 points (32%), 2.3 rebounds, 2 assists (2 TO’s) (16.5 minutes)

Burks struggled once again last week. His shot hasn’t been falling as much and it seems like he is taking a few too many outside shots. @IWMTB19 took a deeper look.


It should be noted that Burks dished out 5 assists against the Blazers (in just over 20 minutes). Alec has shown flashes in the passing department, but can you imagine him and Hayward on the floor together if he can develop consistent playmaking ability? #COUNTTHADIMES

Derrick Favors

Last Week’s Line: 9.5 points (58%), 8.3 rebounds, 1 assists (1 TO), .8 blocks (24.3 minutes)

It was great to see Favors “rebound” last week from his previously down play. He continues to make an impact on both ends of the floor, and I continue to love what I am seeing. He was second on the team in rebounding, and did it in only 24 minutes. I honestly don’t think there is a question that Favors would average a double if he played starter minutes, he’s already gotten a few off the bench. Oh and did you see that dunk on Splitter/Bonne? Nasty.

Players who didn’t play (very much): Enes Kanter (32 minutes), DeMarre Carroll (22 minutes), Jeremy Evans (6 minutes), Josh Howard (injured), Raja Bell (injured)

It was another “meh” week for the Jazz, but I still had difficulty picking this week’s winner. Does Hayward deserve it for the third week in a row? Did Harris’ stellar offense earn him the honors? Or do I go with Al Jefferson, the rock of the team this season?


Player of the Week: Week 15

"Hey Devin, I'll trade you unlimited salad and bread sticks for this week's award?."  (AP Photo/Colin E Braley)

Devin Harris: 18.3 points (48%), 5 assists (.3 TO’s), 1.7 steals

Runners up: Al Jefferson/Gordon Hayward

Special Mention: Derrick Favors

Thanks to @sproul13 for weekly stats