You know that now-not-so-new Utah Jazz note logo we all love so much? I suspect Randy Rigby had a hand in bringing that beloved retro standard back to us.

Beyond Rigby's sizable day-to-day duties, which include not only overseeing the Jazz, but also the Larry H. Miller Group's AAA baseball Salt Lake Bees, the broadcasting companies for the television and radio, the advertising, the Megaplex theaters and Jordan Commons, the catering, Fanzz stores, and the EnergySolutions Arena itself --breath-- but also "sets the strategic goals for the franchise as well as analyzes future growth opportunities."

You business owners out there know it's tough enough running one show, let alone more of them than can be said in a single breath.

Rigby takes time out of his busy schedule to regularly drop a gem with 1320 KFAN's afternoon show, Bolerjack, Locke, and Garrard, and recently gave his thoughts on the future of the franchise, the development of the young players, the draft lottery, and a very fortunate, prodigious fortune cookie.

Randy Rigby: "I'm feeling really good today, for the last 24 hours it's been a great time to be a Jazz fan, and all of a sudden the number three has become a very favorite number of mine.

Scott Garrard: "What's going through your mind when the envelope opens up at six and the Jazz aren't in it?"

RR: "[Jazz head coach Ty Corbin] and I were sitting there and we both commented, 'It's time that we get a little break.'

When all of a sudden that envelope opened up, we looked at each other and there was just this pause, and all of a sudden it just hit and we just high-fived each other and started cheering and the room all of a sudden erupts as well, everyone realizing that we just moved into being one of the top three picks.

You know what, there's three very good players. There's not, to me, the separation you sometimes see in other years. Having a top three pick puts us in a very nice situation."

David Locke: "I will say this, you kind of already have your number one pick, because, I have been scouting a bunch of these players recently. I decided, after watching Enes Kanter, to go onto Synergy and watch Derrick Favors. We already got the number one pick. Our kid is in a completely different league than anyone in this draft. He's awesome."

RR: "Yup. And I know Kevin [O'Connor] and Ty Corbin just had very good conversations with him as well, in really continuing to step up his game.

I'm excited to see where our coaches are really pushing themselves in stepping up their game and their intensity. And we're doing the same with our players in what we are wanting them to do, and expecting them to do. And we're doing it in the front office, saying, we're stepping this up and using this year, as it's making us all, giving us that sick feeling in our guts as we watch the playoffs, and we're not there and we're used to being there.

It's really motivating us all to say we're going to make this organization better, cause we wanna be there and build for a future NBA championship." Jazz_3_and_12_Picks

SG: "Do you change any of the philosophy of what you do based on last night?"

RR: "You know what? I think great teams hold onto systems and philosophies, and that's what we've always tried to do. Does that system mean we are willing to modify and increase, and change and improve our thinking, and fine-tune it? You bet. The world doesn't stay, y'know, flat and consistent, and you've gotta be moving as the times change, and we're constantly improving and doing that, addressing things."

DL: "The passive Gordon Hayward at some point in the year almost became pissed off."

RR: "Yes."

DL: "I said, keep that in you because at some point this is gonna be your team and you're gonna get to institute that culture on it."

RR: "[Ty and Kevin] made a visit to the Haywards, and Gordon, and to his support staff saying, 'Let's get all of us on the same page as to where we want to be as an organization, you individually, and us as a team.' No question, we want to, and need to, step up our defensive toughness, those issues are being addressed, and it starts one-on-one. I know they're having those conversations with both Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward.

Ty gave me kind of an update on his conversations with some of them and I'm very impressed with the process that's going on. We're going to be doing some followup with them in the next 30 days and seeing if it's being taken to heart."

Meal_Fortune_CookiesSG: "Veterans don't necessarily like to groom young guys who are eventually going to take their job, so that's a fine line."

RR: "It is. And that's why this is a remarkable team game. It takes some veterans who also, in respect for the game, say part of my role is to groom and mentor.

Let me share also, a fun story that Chris Baum, my Senior Vice President of Broadcasting, had. He happened to be going to a dance recital last evening and was also taking his family to a Chinese restaurant. He said he opened his fortune cookie literally ten minutes before the lottery began. He opened it up --and he showed me his fortune last night-- and his fortune says, 'Your lucky number is... three.' So it started right there."


There is much, much more, including developmental and draft player analysis questions, and what the Jazz as a team are doing together in Santa Barbara for work this summer. 

Listen to the interview in it's entirety here.

Thanks to 1320 KFAN for making this available to us, as well as photo credits due to Deseret News (Rigby Jazz Note) and Fox 13 Utah (Jazz 3 and 12 Pick).


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