Here's a fun little bit about Utah Jazz point guard Devin Harris you may not have known: He's the official Car Editor for the NBA's official publication, HOOP Magazine.

In an undated interview/ feature (that appears to be from 2009) Harris talks about his Maserati, Ferrari, how as a rookie he had to tend to veteran Michael Finley's luxury cars, how he had a hard time picking up how to turn left while learning to drive, and why he buys his cars in red, white, and black. Devin_Harris_First_Car

He also tells how he wanted his first car to be an Eagle Talon, but had to settle for a Pontiac Sunfire that he promptly wrecked into a tree.

It may seem a little prescient and creepy to Jazz fans that the feature is called "Driven," but hey, maybe it was meant to be?

The article includes a video where Harris reviews a Volkswagon Touareg. Maybe we can get him to do one for the new Chrysler mini-van here in Utah? Pony up, LHM Chrysler-Dodge.

HOOP Magazine, Devin Harris, Driven