This is part one of a five part series called Top Five Shooters in Utah Jazz History. 

In order to categorize these players, I had to set some parameters to measure them by. Here are the parameters.

First, the player had to play at least 200 games with Utah Jazz, which is at least two and half seasons with the Jazz. This is why Kyle Korver does not qualify for this list (180) and Raja Bell does (213).

Second, the player had to be shorter than 6’6”.

Third, I have included the N.O. days because their records and stats are in our history database.

Here is the query on Basketball Reference. http://bit.ly/pJxJp4


#5 Adrian Dantley 

Dantley has the highest FG% of any player that fits our query. Dantley was not a three-point shooter. He was an early prototype for the shooting forward, playing both positions during his career depending on the matchups with the other team.

Adrian Dantley was an amazing scorer while he was with the Utah Jazz. He won the league scoring title in 81 and 84 averaging over 30 ppg. He is one of three players in Utah Jazz history (Malone 90) (Maravich 77) to average over 30 points for a season. He accomplished this four times (81-84.)

One of the things that made AD such a great shooter was his ability to get to the rim (he led the league in free throws five times). His ability to get to the basket forced defenders to play off of him a bit, so he was able to get his jump shots off with little or no defense. He had an amazing post up game for only being 6’4”, he was regularly scoring on, over and around guys 5-7 inches taller than him. There are not a lot of video options for Dantley, but this is probably the best video that shows his all around game. 

AD’s best season was the 83-84 season, when he led the league in scoring, per, win% ftm, fta. These stats are pretty amazing considering you had players like Bird, Magic, Moses Malone, Kareem, Erving , Isiah Thomas in the league.


Side notes.

AD played one of the most memorable college basketball games ever. He was on the Notre Dame team that broke UCLA’s 88 game-winning streak.

The Utah Jazz retired Dantley’s uniform  #4 on April 11th, 2007.

AD was elected to the basketball hall of fame on April 7 2008.

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