It is hard to watch this team right now. The Utah Jazz have had stretch of horrific games including some of their wins. I feel like our flex offense is not working most of the time. I don't think it is the offense itself, but the effort and players moving in the offense. Guys are not where they need to be, when they need to be there. This is causing a ton of unforced T.O.s  on Deron and the team. Last night they racked up 23 turnovers and the Grizzlies had 17, yes I said 17 steals. 

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Dunk of the Night 
Even Rudy Gay is impressed

There were three bright spots in a dismal game last night. 

Leather_Basketball_Game_Ball_-_Spalding_74-233T_Official_NBA_BasketbalGAME BALL-  Goes to Earl Watson. Watson came in early last night when Deron got in early foul trouble (7:13) of the first quarter and kept the offense running ok. His biggest contribution came in the second half when he helped lead the Jazz back to within striking distance. He finished with 12 points and didn't miss a shot. 

Paul Millsap - finished with a quiet 20-8

Millsap said that his hip still hurt but, once the adernilane started flowing it felt much better. When you get in the game you can't really worry about that stuff. 

Gordon Hayward- A few times during the night Gordon looked like he was the only player on the floor that wanted to win the game. He was hustling and was one of two players with a plus in the +/- category last night, the other was watson. 

In all I thought the game lacked effort by many of its players. I am always upset when the Utah Jazz lose but even more so when the effort or desire is not there. As a fan, I can handle losses when we get beat by a better team, or when we work our ass off and still lose to a hot/streaking team. Last night was neither of those. The Jazz just didn't show up as a team. Hopefully they can recover quickly and get ready for the game against Houston tonight.