Even she is laughing at how bad we played last night. 
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The Jazz lost their second straight game to lottery teams. If you watched, I am sorry. If you didn't, be thankful. Anger, frustration, and sarcasm filled twitter last night. 

Deron continues to blast the team in the media with this comment. 

Like most Jazz fans I don't have all the answers, but have tons of questions. Anger is the cause of this short, negative, post. 

Here is the rest of the Crew's thoughts 

Craig- It was a DAMN Disgrace!!! I felt like I was watching Monday's game all over again. 

Spencer- Paul Millsap where are you?

Scotty- This could be that moment in the season where the jazz need to regroup and start playing more together than ever. These losses are totally unnecessary, They can do better and must if they want to progress in the West. 

Brenden- I am not Angry.. I am just disappointed (sounds like a mom after her daughter gets home from prom night, the next morning).

Jimmy- "Honestly, we played like horse shit." I love that Jimmy was so specific here, not dog shit or just plain shit shit but horse shit. I think all jazz fans would agree. 

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