Bill Simmons finally give into his inner man, and rubs the Deron Williams trade in our face. 

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Quotes and Notes from Detroit Free Press  

Interesting that Raja Bell gave these quotes about defense.
Hayward got zero minutes last night, and when Locked was asked about it he said, "defensive liability on Gordon and Stucky." Well as some of us, most notably, @losttacovendor have said, isn't having a 35 year old overated two guard a liabilty period....Just sayin'

When did Stephen A Smith go back to ESPN? (google says feb 2) Anyway his thoughts on the piston debacle. 

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NetsDaily Talking about Deron Williams and Devin Harris. 

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D-Will's defeat is another victory for Jazz. TRIB  

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Sunday Syncopation SLCDUNK coming soon.