First we know that scheduling the NBA season is crazy... this is from Nbastuffer.com from 2010 schedule. 


Here are the facts about the upcoming season... 

It will be 66 games long with 48 conference games and 18 non conference games. If you are reading this you already know that. 

Back to Back to Backs: Every team will play at least one, but no more than three. 

O.K. now lets look at the Utah Jazz and the possible scheduling cunudrums. 

First, the Utah Jazz historically don't play on Sunday, especially at home. I can't think of any regular season games in the past few years when the Jazz played on a Sunday. I would imagine there hasn't been one in the past decade.  
Over the past few years Deron had some issues with this, and at times was very vocal about playing games on Sunday. I have never felt that Miller's would budge on this agreement between the Jazz and the NBA. It hurts everyone's bottom line.  You should be able to see where I am going with this.
The Jazz have to cram 33 home games into 17 less days than the rest of the league. Which means, I guarantee that the Jazz will be playing 3 back-to-back-to-backs.  

Second, the Jazz do not have cluster buddies to play with. I know that sounds kind of dirty, and yes it was intended to sound that way. 

Here are your NBA Cluster Buddies---

The West Coast Cluster Buddy-- Golden State, Lakers, Clippers, and Kings. You can easly get three games in three nights or four games in five nights there. 

The Texas Trio Cluster--- San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and if you want throw in an overnight flght to Memphis and N.O. 

The FloRida Trio Atlanta, Orlando, Miami 

The BostYork Trio--- Boston, New Jersey, New York. 

The Midwest Bonanza Cluster--- Philly, Cleveland, Indiana, Toronto, Detroit, Milwuakee, Chicago, Minnesota. Any of those three teams could be thrown into a B2B2B (Yes I coined that phrase). 

The Jazz will get Bost York Trio, The Texas Trio, and The Midwest Bonanza Cluster (a crappy version) like Bucks, Pacers, and Nets (for sure). 

I personally don't think that teams from the same conference will get the B2B2B because of the travel time. Those will be the four games in five night types of clusters. 

There is also one more scheduling cundum possibility. The HomeHomeAway cluster. Jazz @ Denver, Denver @ Jazz, Jazz vs/@ Sactown. 

Third, The Utah Jazz Will play the NETS twice, I guarantee it. 

Share your thoughts on which three B2B2B you think we will get.