With a win tonight the Utah Jazz will send the Lakers into panic mode. 

If Jazz fans are honest with themselves, they should/have come to the fact that we probably won’t make the playoffs, and are at least two years away from a deep playoff run. However, tonight we have the power to do something that we rarely have had the chance, and the ability to do---put the Los Angeles Lakers in panic mode.

It has been nearly 15 years since we swept the Lakers in the playoffs. You know the playoffs when a young Kobe shot air ball after air ball.

With a loss to the lowly (as the national media calls us) Utah Jazz, the Laker organization and its fan base would start to question its off-season decisions and start jumping of the bandwagon. A rational Laker fan would realize that they still don’t have Bynum, they lost their 6th man in Odom, Kobe is playing injured, and that they are just getting to old. A rational fan would understand the life cycle of a superstar, and that eventually he may lose his touch. We know that Lakers fans are not rational, well at least most of them aren't. 

Kobe has not won an NBA game in eight months. Eight months. Going back to last years playoffs---Swept by Dallas, then a 0-2 preseason against the Clippers, Christmas day meltdown to Bulls, loss at a revived Sactown.  I am not promising a win; in fact, I think the Lakers are the sleeping giant ready to annihilate us, kind of. But, what if, just what if, we could sneak into Staples with our young bigs that don’t know any better, and run the Lakers our of the gym on the third game of a B2B2B.

We have to keep the pace furious and try and run them of the court. Slowing down the tempo and playing half court with them is awakening the sleeping giant. We need to send Hayward, Howard, Miles, Burks, hell, even the corpseBell, at Kobe in waves and waves of frustrating fouls and defensive pressure. We need Favors to play exactly like Cousins did last night and get into Pau’s quiet place and disrupt him from getting started. We need to let World Peace try and well, try and just be him. 

Heaven forbid the Lakers lose to the Jazz. What next? Well New York, and a home and home with Denver, which could possibly start the Lakers 0-7. By that time, Mike Brown will have been fired, and Fisher will have asked to get out of his contract...Of course to move closer to a doctor for his…well you get it (I had to throw that one in there).  I don’t know how bad the Lakers really are, or how much they miss Odom and Bynum. I just know that we have the chance to step on the throat of a hated enemy, and send their organization, fan base, the national media into panic mode. And maybe more importantly send Kobe into Me mode, which he as already shown multiple times during the first couple games. The problem with Kobe in me mode is that he can't do it anymore. He can't carry a team for 66 games in 123 days for 35 minutes a night. He has to many minutes, and to many games under his belt. 

The Utah Jazz have a chance do something even better than win; they have the chance to embarrass the Los Angeles Lakers.