Some good stuff today from a lot people doing a lot of offseason work. 

David Locke does a video Breakdown of Jan Vesely. I think David locke is slowly getting back to what made people like him in the first place and that was his stastical stuff, and information sharing. 

SLCdunk.com breaks down the Tribs report on the D-Will trade, very well done. 

Here is the original article from Brian T Smith. Trib 

Former Jazz Players not having lousy playoffs (updated) DN. 

Sunday Syncopation by @Allthatamar writer for Slcdunk

NBA2011 Bleacher Report Mock Draft Jazz Select.... BR Mockdrafts are like church, sometimes I love it and sometimes I skip it entirely. We will have mockdrafts on our site to fit with tradition, but it is so hard to say what will happen with this year's ( as well as other years drafts). Let's wait till the pingpong balls are dropped and go from there. 

Ghosts of the Delta Center part #1 of 2010-2011 Season Review @allthatamar 

Leftover from Jazzfanatical The Return of Kyle Korver. @monilogue