Uncertainty- there are three articles floating around today that deal with some of the Jazz players uncertainty, and a couple more that should be. CJ Miles, Andrie Kirilenko, and Kyle Weaver are all in wierd positions that will not be figured out for a little while. Here is a list of the current Utah Jazz contracts to give you an idea of what they need to look for/at this summer.
Jazz 2011 Salaries
Price, Watson, Fez, Elson, Cousin, Ak, Weaver are all coming off the books, and the team has the option on CJ Miles contract. Which would leave two Players on our current roster who finished the 2009-2010- Okur and Millsap (if Cj doesn't get picked up). Turnover is ridiculous, but I am slightly excited for the future. 

Here is a look at the franchise tag option that could help the new CBA.

NBADRAFT.NET has updated our pick to this guy

I don't know if he will pan out or what we are going to do. He looks like he needs to put on some weight, however, he has both hands developed and his foot work looks very good in these videos. 

Gordon Hayward with Dime Magazine QandA 

Spurs teach Jazz about the importance of a bench. Jody Genessy  
We had five guys that didn't even make the flight to San Antonio of course our bench is going to be horrible.

Jazz become the team that nobody knows. Brad Rock 
Sunday Syncopation SCLDUNK @allthatamar 

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Jazz start well, but finish poorly. Trib  

Kyle Weaver uncertain about his future with the Jazz. Trib 

Ak on his career with the Utah Jazz, and the marriage that could be over next week. Trib  
Nothing more than 8 Million a year for 4 years. I would even say maybe 20 for 3 with a fourth year team option.
A while back rumors were floating around that he would take somewhere in the five range. I don't know if they are true or not, but I would take that. 

Harris still finding way with Jazz. Trib 
If LA can win 5 rings with Fisher than Harris could be our point. 

As Scripted to the Letter @Monilogue JazzFanatical 

Uncertainty clouds Miles' mind, future Trib  

(Hope is a good thing) a little old, but a good read from Bill Simmons on the Utah Jazz. 
19. Utah Jazz

My third-favorite thing about the Williams trade: In a 24/7 reporting world of "Heard this" and "Sources say," nobody knew Williams was on the block until he was traded. It was relatively amazing. So amazing that, apparently, a couple of teams were miffed (not ticked, not pissed; just miffed) that Utah never gave them an exploratory heads-up before saying yes to Jersey.

Utah's reasons made sense: Jersey had the most assets (and was offering them), so Jazz GM Kevin O'Connor was afraid Williams might catch wind and sabotage the deal. Still, with ten minutes to go before officially saying yes, couldn't Utah have called Oklahoma City, Boston, Houston, Golden State, the Knicks and Clippers and said, "Keep it low, but you have ten minutes to consider the following Godfather offer for Deron Williams." Why not? Don't you want to know for sure? What would Golden State have done if it had 10 minutes to respond to "Curry, your 2011 and 2013 unprotected No. 1's and an expiring contract for Williams"? What would Boston have done if given 10 minutes to digest "Rondo, Perkins, and a 2013 No. 1 for Williams"? Or the Clippers if "Gordon, Aminu, Kaman and the rights to Minny's 2012 No. 1 pick" were thrown at them?

Think of this way: Don't you hate when someone gets traded in your fantasy league and you never knew the guy was available? Isn't this how 80 percent of all fantasy league email wars start? Why wouldn't this also be the case for real leagues? Do you think the Williams trade led to a huge reply-to-all email chain with eight or nine GMs bitching about O'Connor, then him firing back with something personal like, "Maybe if you spent as much time scouting as you do emailing, you wouldn't be in the lottery again"? followed by F-bombs flying back and forth and people not talking for three months? Or does this just happen in fantasy?


You're right, it just happens in fantasy. My bad. By the way, my League of Dorks auction lasted for eight and a half hours last weekend. At one point, we were arguing about whether you should be able to trade minor league picks right up to the day of the minor league draft, or whether the deadline should remain the week before -- I was pushing for "day of" -- and one owner actually said the words, "I don't know if we want to set a precedent," like we were Supreme Court justices arguing Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. I should also mention that I set a Google alert for Miguel Pineda these past four weeks. Don't ask. I need professional help. Let's just move on.