Jazz Sign Othyus Jeffers to a 10-Day Contract

Sorry I didn't mean to make the Font that large or that important but what is done is done. I got roped into watching The Time Traveler's Wife with Mrs. UtahJazzBlog  after school last night. jeffers_250x250 So the new player news had to wait until Thursday. If you go to the link you can find out anything you have ever wanted to know about Mr. Jeffers. Here is some film If you would like to watch more movies or highlights on this kid here is a link to all his videos on the world wide web. So until a few weeks ago when the Phoenix Suns beat the Dallas Mavericks, the Suns had lost lost 18 straight TNT games, which I'm sure includes the playoffs. The Jazz are really good on TNT unless they are  playing the Lakers. The Utah Jazz are 4-0 this year on TNT including a blowout in S.A., a Thanksgiving feast against the Bulls, a 17 point comeback against the Magic, and the unforgettable and now legendary Sundiata Gaines shot to beat the Cavs. This will be our last TNT appearance of the Season and Deron Williams should come back with a vengance after his poor perfomance against the Clippers on Monday night. Here are some stat comparisons.
Jazz Key Team Stats Suns
102.4 Points scored 109.2
97.6 Points allowed 106.0
.490 FG% own .487
.448 FG% opposition .456
.350 3PT% own .405
.354 3PT% opposition .357
616 Offensive Rebounds 690
1856 Defensive Rebounds 1946
2472 Total Rebounds 2636
1.8 Assist/Turnover Ratio 1.6
22.1 Fouls Per Game 20.7
Scoring Stats Jazz Suns
Stat Rk Stat Rk
Winning % .633 8 .613 9
Points Per Game 102.4 7 109.2 1
Points Allowed Per Game 97.6 13 106.0 28
Points Off Turnovers Per Game 18.4 3 14.3 30
Points Allowed Off Turnovers Per Game 17.1 21 18.0 26
Field Goals Attempted 4754 21 5169 3
Opposition Field Goals Attempted 4699 7 5426 30
Field Goals Made 2329 5 2518 1
Opposition Field Goals Made 2103 5 2475 30
Field Goal % .490 1 .487 3
Opposition Field Goal % .448 8 .456 14
Free Throws Attempted 1620 4 1554 9
Opposition Free Throws Attempted 1654 28 1578 23
Free Throws Made 1195 5 1194 6
Opposition Free Throws Made 1254 26 1202 21
Free Throw % .738 24 .768 12
Opposition Free Throw % .758 12 .762 16
All week I have been super confident that we would win this game tonight without any problems. I woke up this morning and had that sudden gut wrenching feeling that maybe the anual April meltdown was coming early this year. You know the won where we lose 6 of 8 and drop to sixth in the playoffs. In case you have forgotten here is a link to the feeling I had last year after a crappy loss. Deron Williams has to shoot better than 40% tonight and Carlos Boozer has to out rebound Amare in order for us to win. I'm not asking for much and not asking for a miracle, just a win. Hurray the Heat and Lakers are on prior to Jazz/Suns meaning we will probably miss part of the first quarter due to tons of commercials and timeouts. Predictions- Jazz 104 Suns 103 in  a buckle up game.