Deron and Ronnie are listed as dad-to-day and will probably be game time decisions. The Jazz have won eleven in a row over Memphis scoring 112.5 a game during that stretch. As a Utah Jazz fan it is very hard not to get caught up in the Chicken Little syndrome,  Blow up the team, trade Boozer, everyone is trade bait but Deron and calling for Jerry's head. All of the previous comments have been in local paper and radio over the past week or. I don't know if I agree with any of them, but I do think that something needs to happen, maybe a team building activity, or Utah Jazz Player Enhancement (that's what she said). Maybe team Jazz Bear tattoos or a scrapbooking party where they all make pages of the Lakers win a few weeks ago. A trip to Vegas, make a music video together circa 1985 Chicago Bears, I love Walter Payton. Maybe even a another win. We should find out if the other night was a fluke or not. The Jazz have not shot very well on the road and it is very difficult to win both ends of a home and home.
Grizzlies Key Team Stats Jazz
104.1 Points scored 99.3
104.7 Points allowed 97.4
.480 FG% own .480
.480 FG% opposition .458
.321 3PT% own .336
.363 3PT% opposition .344
442 Offensive Rebounds 354
969 Defensive Rebounds 1030
1411 Total Rebounds 1384
1.3 Assist/Turnover Ratio 1.7
20.7 Fouls Per Game 21.8
Over the past ten games the Utah Jazz rank 6th defensively and 26th Offensively (thanks Locke) and Jazz fans can verify this. I don't know what to predict with tonight's game. I will say this, If he Jazz are leading at the end of three they will win, If they are losing at the end of three they will lose. Link of the Day Cuban upset that he is competing with the NFL tomorrow night, Oh, the game just happens to be against the Utah Jazz. Prediction Utah Jazz 106 Memphis 102 in "buckle up game". Tonight is  a great night for NBA fans here are some other good games to keep an eye on. Celtics @ Hawks Mavs @ Spurs Heat @ Suns Lakers @ Blazers Cavs @ Nuggets Warriors @ Kings (take the over no matter what)