We are working on a Forum for fans and Jazz followers to discuss Jazz topics and share in their love for the Utah Jazz. Since we are an independent website and not tied to an affiliate or group site like Blogin, SB, or ESPN we have to work on some different ways to make some of those extra things work with our provider (WP). I have also been in Vegas for a few days and unable to get posts up. Thanks for all the followers out there and spread the word about the Utah Jazz Podcast and the website. JAZZ VS. SUNS Rumors have it that the suns are looking to trade Amare for cap space before the deadline. I don't how much truth their is to this but they have dropped like a rock after starting on fire at the beginning of the season. On the Other hand there is no team in the NBA playing better than the Utah Jazz, on both ends of the floor at this current moment of the season. The Jazz have won 6 of their last seven and their only loss was at Denver when the Nuggets shot 49 free throws. Boozer is back up to 20 and 10 and the Utah Jazz are riding their two (should be all-stars) Deron and Carlos. Both of them will not get in impossible. Jazz Suns breakdown.
Suns Key Team Stats Jazz
109.7 Points scored 100.9
107.5 Points allowed 97.3
.487 FG% own .484
.457 FG% opposition .452
.407 3PT% own .360
.366 3PT% opposition .349
486 Offensive Rebounds 412
1362 Defensive Rebounds 1290
1848 Total Rebounds 1702
1.6 Assist/Turnover Ratio 1.8
20.8 Fouls Per Game 22.2
Jazz win 118 112 in a Barn Burner.