Is Carlos Boozer's Play Forcing the Jazz to Really Consider Bringing Him Back? I think so. Boozer Dropped 33 and 16 on the Bobcats last night, bringing them back from 3 down with a monster third quarter. Carlos Boozer is the raining Western Conference Player of the Week and Should get player of the month if we can win out against Sac-town and Houston, which is highly likely. Carlos Boozer's Hot Spots Not only is Carlos Boozer playing well on the court, but I get the feeling that he is growing in his role as a leader off the court and in the locker room. It could be me but I really feel that way. It seems to me that he is being more vocal and is now comfortable with the fact that Deron is "the Man" and he is fine with his role as the co-pilot. Again this is just from what I see which isn't a lot but you can take it for what it's worth. RANDOM BOONER COMMENT OF THE NIGHT. He uses Coco Butter to make his head shine. Totally random. [caption id="attachment_1307" align="alignleft" width="68" caption="It's all about the Coco Butter "]It's all about the Coco Butter [/caption] We Had a KK siting and boy was it spectacular.He went 5-6 from downtown and 18 point on 11 shots that very good offesnive efficiency. Cj on the other hand is struggling right now and went 1-10 only scoring 4 point in 30 minutes and was in foul trouble the entire time. I got the feeling that Sloan was leaving Miles in to teach him a lesson. I'm not sure what the lesson was or if he learned it but that's just the feeling I got. Although the Jazz were down most of the First Half I was never worried that they wouldn't win. Boozer is getting some National attention for his comments the other day saying that he would like to stay in Utah which is a far cry from what was going on last year.