Lebron over AmareThe  Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers are close to a deal that would send Stoudemire to the Cleveland Cavs. Are the Suns giving up already? I don't see how this makes the Phoenix Suns better other than shedding cap space. Nash basically has  two years to win a championship, unless he rides the bench somewhere like L.A. or O.K.C. (which is very possible). The Suns will  still be somewhere in the 45-50 million dollar range in contracts starting next season. Which, if the new CBA is even close to what they are predicting, the Suns hands will be tied next year probably leaving Nash without a championship ring. Especially, with the Lakers having their core guys until 2013 and the Cavaliers saying that they will resign Amare to a long term contract after his contract is up next year. The Suns only shot is if they sign a big off-season player and go for all of the Marbles in 2011 and 2012  knowing that they won't resign Nash at the end of his contract in 2012. Which would be a perfect time for the Lakers to pick him up at the mid-level or veteran minimum to help guide whatever young point guard they have at that time. However Nash will be 38 at that time and may not have anything left in the tank. We shall see. As for Cleveland this is huge. One, to keep Lebron happy and in Cleveland like the article says, but two another player that you HAVE to double team. Lebron is the only person on the team that commands a double (and that doesn't really help), with Amare on the floor that causes all sorts of matchup problems for the opposing team. Imagine the small ball with Amare at the 5 Lebron at the 4 Moon/Parker at the  3 Williams/Booby at the 2 and west at point  or throw out Shaq/Amare at the 4/5 Lebron James at the 3 Mo Williams and west at the 1/2.  A front line of Shaq Amare and Lebron against the lineup of Odom/Gasol/ Bynum I guess we wait till the finals.