With four days off, and a couple practices ,the Utah Jazz look to create some consistency after the annual Christmas road trip. The Jazz next 12 games  include ten teams that are at or below .500,. The other two games are against an up and down Atlanta team and the suprisingly good New York Knicks. We should come out this run between 8-4 at the worse and 12-0 at best. With only two back to backs and both the Hawks and Knicks @ home a 10-2 record should be expected. Here is a break down of how the Utah Jazz have done after the Christmas break in the Deron Williams era. 

The Jazz went 8-2 including a home and home series with the Lakers, which they won both.

Jazz go 5-5 and decide to let every good player score as much as they want. The Jazz gave up the following point totals, Zach Randolph 34, McGrady 44, Nowitzki 38, Wade 32, Ray Allen(then with the sonics) 51, Arenas 51 with the game winning three from 30 feet, you remember the shot. The one where he turned and started walking to the other end of the floor before the ball even went through the hoop. 

7-3  Nothing special Deron had a 20 assist game and the game after this run was the game that Klieza dropped 41 on the Jazz. 

7-3 pretty typical, but this was the year the Jazz only lost once in February, had a 12 game winning streak, and lost seven of the final nine games to pretty much collapse going into the playoffs. 

6-4 With wins over some good teams, but this was the best game of the ten.