Seriously, where has Gordon been? Why did it take this long for him to "break out?" Was last night a fluke or can he perform like that every night? 

Sitting in the ESA waiting for the Jazz to announce who they were going to take with the 9th pick in the draft was both exciting and terrifying. With a great, educated choice, they could change the franchise for years to come; with the wrong choice, they could nudge the Jazz into a world of losses and problems.

If your first game watching the Jazz this season was last night, then you would probably think the Jazz made the correct pick. However, if you have watched ANY games at all this year, then you know that what you saw last night has never happened before (except for the preseason Laker win...which was PRE-season).

I really, really wish that I had all the answers to the Gordon Hayward question. Like, why does it take so long for him to get a shot off? and why doesn't he tan? and why in the world would you make that rap song...and then tell people about it? I also really wish that I could come out and say that I believe the Jazz made the correct choice with their 9th pick...but, I also really wish that I had season tickets...and I could play basketball half as good as Gordon...and that it would never snow in Utah again.

Some other thoughts from the Utah Jazz Text Round Table. 

Jimmy- Its all up to Hayward, He plays good we win. All in All I have a good feeling about tonight. 

Brenden- Not worried at all, Jazz are a road team.

Spencer- Jazz squeak  it out 89-87 on a last possession game. 

Chun- I like our chances. Back end of a back to back and we're playing away. It doesn't matter that they beat us three nights ago. The Jazz win tonight. 

Scotty- Win