After the Nuggets traded AI last season for Billips the team had a similar situation to the Utah Jazz after they got Korver, they caught fire. This game changes nothing in the standings and the stats won't be counted towards anything important. However, the Utah Jazz can make a statement to the Nuggets...that they are taking back what is rightfully theirs, (the NorthWest Division).

The Jazz are returning almost everyone from last year, minus Collins, Knight and a hurt ( Retiring) Matt Harpring. Someone on the Jazz will need to step up and fill Harpring's role as antagonizer/Rudy for the team. I don't know who that will be, but we need someone to play over the top physical basketball.

The Nuggets are missing two bench pieces which helped them get to the WCF last year, Klieza and Dahntay Jones. The core of Melo, Billups, Birdman and K-Mart is still together and if they remain healthy should push the Jazz down to the final weeks of the season.

The Jazz are coming of a year with a ton of injuries and for fans a disappointing first round exit handed to us by the Devil. There are a lot of questions surrounding Boozer and his role, his desire, and also the Jazz organization and what they plan to do with him.

I think the starters will play 1st and 3rd quarters, so we should get to see a lot of Koufous and Price

You never know what will happen in the first game of the season... I predict a score of 98- 86 with the Jazz winning.