To say that that the Spurs own the Jazz is an understatement, they have won 29 of the past 35 games including the playoffs. I think that from the top down the Spurs have one of the  best Organizations in all of Professional Sports. After what happened in Dallas the other night I have no idea what to expect from the Jazz. I know that Deron Williams will play well, he always plays well when the game is on national television ESPN 8 :30 MTN. The Spurs are coming of an easy win in Sacramento, and it looks like the schedule makers want the Spurs well rested, their last game was on Halloween. As always I think the match up of the night will be between two of the top point guards in the league, Deron Williams and Tony Parker. Parker's speed and William's size always make this an interest match up,. The Jazz need this game very badly. If they can win tonight and on Saturday against the Kings,they will head off on their east road trip at .500. If they don't win tonight and go to 1-4 they could easily comeback from the road trip and be 2-8, which would make our playoffs chances decrease significantly. Is tonight a must win for the Utah Jazz, in my eyes yes. Oh, Our hatred for Manu Flopobli has been well documented. Jazz 94 Spurs 89 Booze and Millsap both play well.Deron drops 24-9. Injury Report: Memo- is listed as Day-to-Day but will most likely start. McDyess- is listed as Day-to-Day and will probably play.