Trail Blazers Jazz Basketball I think the Utah Jazz are playing the best basketball since the 12 game streak this past spring. Carlos Boozer is playing better than any other power forward in the League and the Jazz are moving the ball ridiculously well. Maybe its the euphoria of an OT touchdown by BYU, but the Jazz looked amazing handled business tonight with eight players against a pretty good Portland team. Boozer and D-will combined for 50 points, 18 rebounds, 22 assists, 4 steals, 1 block, and only 5 TO's. If you didn't get to see the game last night these two were amazing. The pick and role was working perfectly and Boozer was hitting the J. I don't know if Portland was just tired from getting waxed by Memphis but they did not show up. Not to mention AK and Millsap didn't play the second half. Deron Williams is averaging the third highest minutes played in the league right now. This is mostly due to injuries. Once again the Jazz shot 60% from the field and had 36 assists on 43 baskets. Boozer's Shot Chart from the last five games. Its obvious where his strengths are. Boozer's Shot chart the last five games [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="533" caption="Boozer still on Fire. "]Boozer still on Fire. [/caption]