Hallelujah! That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of last night’s win. Though most haters will say that the only way the Jazz could pull it off was to have Parker and Ginobili out of the game. To them I say…poopwash! The Jazz were missing Okur, Price (a veteran back-up point guard), CJ Miles (who worked hard in the offseason and gained 82 pounds of pure muscle), Kyle Korver (who shoots lights out at times and spreads the floor), and Matt Harpring (our tough-guy, that played High School football). The Jazz got it done last night, pure and straight. It still counts as one in the win column, but that monkey off the back (and no more questions about the SA curse) has to be worth a lot more. Boozer looked great. He was passing the ball; he looked comfortable and even played pretty good defense on Duncan. The Jazz as a team held San Antonio to 43% shooting for the game. I don’t remember when that last happened against any team, let alone the great San Antonio Spurs. The amazing thing about the game last night was I think the Jazz played great as a team for the first time in a long time. Boozer had 18 points and 11 rebounds; DWill had 21 points and 10 assists, and it seemed like we are getting out of that “panicking” funk we seem to get ourselves into once a team fights back and gets close or takes the lead. Tough night (stats-wise) for the young bigs. Fesenko and Koufos combined for one rebound, zero blocks and two turnovers. However, I think that big Fez is taking the Ostertag route, where he doesn’t get the great defensive stats all the time, he just stays down low and alters shots. I really wish there were people that kept those stats for the boxscore. If that were the case, I’m not sure that we would make fun of Ostertag as much as we do. This was a good win. It looks to me like the intensity is back, the team is together and the monkey is finally off the back. Go Jazz!!! JB