I am Edmond Dantes and I will have my revenge tonight against TTTSNBN.

On Jan 14th the Utah Jazz did not show up against TTTSNBN, they lost 114-93. They got outscored by 20 points in the second half.

The Jazz beat TTTSNBN on Jan 30 to start a home winning streak and NBA record month of Feb. However the loss should still resonate in the players minds.

I hope the win tonight starts another streak to put us into home court for the playoffs.

Durant and Westbrook are going to be a duo that will make some noise in the playoffs within a few years, but right now they are content with just making noise. This not does not make me comfortable at all. We need to keep these two under 47 combined points or out top two scorers have to have more than the both of them combined.

Deron has played very well against TTTSNBN but also had bad defensive games against Westbrook, he usually has problems with quicker guards.

Memo needs to score 20 tonight there is no reason why he shouldn't, unless he doesn't play(he is listed as day to day).

There is no one that can match up with Boozer on the box, (Wilcox,Sefalosha,Collison) don't have the strength.

Vegas- Jazz by 5
Spencer- Jazz by 9
Edmond Dantes Jazz by 22 (this prediction solely rest on which Durant shows up, the 8-21 or the 15-24 Durant. )I will let you do the math.

D Will have a DD 25-11

Stat of the night. Bench scores 40+

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