Let’s just take a moment to consider how big of game the Utah Jazz are playing tonight, at home, against the Houston Rockets. The Jazz have had a relatively mild schedule, only playing two games over the past 10 days. The Rockets have been demonstrating exactly why you keep team players on your team and get rid of head cases (Tracy McGrady) and selfish players (Rafer Alston). Their last game was against the San Antonio Spurs where they received a monster game from Luis Scola who made the game winning shot to give Houston the half game lead over the Spurs in the Southwest division and the overall 2nd spot in the tight western conference playoff race.

The Jazz have played the Rocket’s three times this year where the home time has been victorious all three times. If there was ever a must win for the Jazz, tonight would be the night. Not only is this one of six final home games, it is the toughest home game we will have until the playoffs start, a must win. If those playoffs were to start today, the Jazz would be playing the Rockets. If the Jazz can’t go any better the .500 for the rest of the year (6 home games, 7 road games) they would most likely stay in this 7th spot. If they were to keep this spot and the Rockets could keep the 2nd spot, I don’t think the Jazz want to give the Rockets a mental edge that they can win in this building, if they were to lose tonight, another must win! Finally, if the playoff gods shine their light on us (thank you Denver and Portland for chocking last night, AMAZING) and we somehow capture the Northwest division championship we would be in a position to have close to the same record as the Rockets going into the playoffs. If we end with the same record as they do, we need to make sure that they don’t own a 3-1 split on games this year, it needs to be 2-2 so we can at least have a chance to maintain home court advantage if that were to happen, again A MUST WIN.

We could go on and on about the importance of this game. I think that Jazz should have their work cut out for them tonight, but we are calling tonight a WIN because of a couple of reasons. First, ESPN’s Game Cast has us winning 77.3% of 1,000 games with tonight’s numbers (that made me feel much better). Second, Deron Williams inner desire to each people alive on National Television, always enjoyable, keep it up D-Will! And finally, the last reason the Jazz will be triumphant tonight against Houston (drum roll please), Houston SUCKS! Life off, Game on…Go Jazz! -BB