So if you want to stop the Utah Jazz let them get up by 24 points and then mount a furious comeback by playing a switch everything defense and have a big guard Deron Williams. I sent a text to Scottie with 6 minutes left in the third that read "Dejavu" as a joke not knowing that we would pull a Phoenix.

I'm not going to officially welcome Carlos Boozer back but he did look spectacular last night.
Here's the stat line 41:37, 8-13 61%, 5-7, 4/7 total of 11 rebounds, 2 assists, 4 steals and 21 points.

Deron went cold in the fourth but hit some big shots late.

The Bench dropped 34 and Brewer had a solid 17.

Brendan had a party foul dropped all over his jacket, full glass of the Coors Light.





Thinking about the Utah Jazz on the road freaks me out and gives me even more ulcers than I already have. We are 1-14 on the road against the playoff teams. So the questions needs to be asked can the Utah Jazz win on the road. To be completely honest I don't think so especially on a back to back.

Portland matches up very well with the Utah Jazz at every position and they have the ability to cause problems. I don't think we win this game, but here are 5 things that have to happen for us to win.

Roy can't have more than 23 points.

Korver has to score at least 13

Deron needs to have 12 assists.

As a team we have to at least 6 blocks.

My prediction Trailblazers 98 Jazz 91.

Join us for a live feed/chat of the game.