The Utah Jazz have won eight in a row and are looking more and more like the team that we thought could win 55-60 games at the beginning of the season.

Ronnie Brewer is a different basketball player, I almost don't want to talk about it, I don't want to jinx him or anything. He is playing really really good basketball right now. Here is his stat line from last night.
40 minutes 8-15, 0-0, 5-6, 4oreb, 5dreb, 6ass, 3stls, 1blk, 1to, 21pts, +11.

He has upped his game to another level that I didn't think was possible. We have seen glimpses of it over the past couple years but he has been consistently good for about 6 weeks and really really good over the winning streak. Keep going Ronnie.

On a night when Deron didn't particularly shoot the ball he definitely made up for it by distributing the ball at a sick pace. Deron Williams was one off a career high 21 assist with 20 setting a season high.

He got started early and didn't rest the second half which gave him plenty of time to take care of business.

The Utah Jazz have played good fourth quarter defense in the past two games. I know it is nothing to write home about but seeing them hunker down and play some solid "D" gives me hope for 50 wins.

Deron Williams- dishing like good ol Stock.

Kyle Korver-17 and 7 his shot is back

Cj Miles- Bueller......... Bueller.............

Memo- Got started early and never looked back

Boozer- Almost a double double

Millsap- 17-6-3 off the bench.

AK- started bad but finished strong 12-2-3

Harpring- tough night from the floor but gave 100%

Ronnie Brewer- see above.


Deron Williams and Memo Okur at the end of the first half "sick"
With Golden State 6 points is nothing either way. You can score on them and they can score on you. When it comes down to possession basketball they can't score (look at the last two minutes of the game).

Don Nelson what are you doing. I need to seriously get some info on this, it is making my head explode.

Thank you Indiana for beating the Nuggets.

The Utah Jazz will be doing some local charity work for the next few days before the Houston RocketsGame.