Carlos Boozer had his best game since coming back from surgery and the Utah Jazz closed out another game late in the fourth quarter for their 9th straight win.

Over the past few games it seems as though Boozer has not been able to move laterally very well. Tonight I felt that he was moving much better. There is no way to simulate defending Yao Ming and Boozer did a B+ on him when they were matched up. It was good to see him muscle Yao up and put pressure on the leg.

Coming out of a time out with score tied at 85 the Jazz went back to old faithful, that's right the pic and roll. As Boozer hit the 17 footer to give the Utah Jazz the lead, I almost forgot about the comments he made a few months ago about getting a raise, almost.

The Jazz ran the pic and roll for almost four and half minutes to end the game results are as follows.

85-87Carlos Boozer makes 17-foot jumper (Deron Williams assists)
85-89Ronnie Brewer makes two point shot (Deron Williams assists)
87-91Ronnie Brewer makes layup (Andrei Kirilenko assists)
87-93Carlos Boozer makes jumper (Deron Williams assists)
89-95Deron Williams makes 13-foot jumper
92-97Deron Williams makes 20-foot jumper

It may be safe to say that the timing is almost back on our bread and butter play.

Deron Williams hit to huge buckets late in the game to make up for two late turnovers (his only two of the game) to seal the deal.

Here is how everyone else looked stat wise

C.J. Miles, SF181-60-10-012301013+32
Carlos Boozer, PF348-170-04-45121732125+1520
Mehmet Okur, C365-102-44-417820136-216
Ronnie Brewer, SG368-150-13-311224011+1019
Deron Williams, PG4111-192-52-2055141021+826
Paul Millsap, PF152-20-00-013400144-54
Kyle Korver, SG181-30-10-001100043-52
Brevin Knight, PG71-10-00-001100021-12
Matt Harpring, SF102-40-00-010102002+64
Andrei Kirilenko, SF251-30-14-403340003+66

Ronnie- I love you. Keep doing what you are doing.
CJ- Where are you?
Memo- Solid performance including the d on Yao
Booze- Welcome Back,Welcome Back,Welcome Back (Mase voice).
Deron-Do you want to go out? The man crush may be getting out hand.

Bench eh not so good tonight. 13 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists, 10 turnovers, in 75 combined minutes. Not good at all.

My Thoughts

Jazz shoot 100% from the free throw line which was very much needed.

AK has a pass of the year candidate (look at the video).

For the first time that I can remember the ESA was rocking the wave for a good 2-3 minutes. Crowd was pretty wild tonight and should be just as crazy on Friday against the Nuggets.

The Western Conference Standings are even more ridiculous this year than last.