Utah Jazz vs. Toronto Rators Live Blog

Air Canada Center for Breakfast without Boozer-Sprained Ankle
Did You know that Matt Harpring played High School Football? KJZZ Does a Harpring Football Special.
Jerry Sloan Sporting the old school purple Jazz tie for the game tonight.
Millsap looks like he is ready to go.
Things are going to be up hill tonight with 15 rebounds sitting on the bench
Jazz get the tip
Bosh on Memo that is a tough matchup for Memo
Miles with the pic six
Millsap over Barn Yes
Jazz up 4-0
Millsap needs to stay in front of Barn
Matrix with an ugly hook short
Memo with the tip
Memo the bank going Duncan on us
Jazz up 8-4 after Barn shot.
Matrix with a layup
Deron Sick Cross on Calderon over Barn +1
Deron is going Creasy already in the first quarter
Barn with 6 of Toronto’s 8 points
I Like Calderon going to set the free throw record this year he is at 98%
Miles for three
Barn is schooling Millsap he can’t keep up with him just got two fouls he is out of the game
Time out 5:50 to play in the first Jazz up 16-12
Well’s Fargo commercial
Angels and Airwaves making bank on the song that is on the Ford Commercial and 50 other things
Wendover commercial man all of a sudden I got an itch.
Boozer give D-Will props.
Deron last 15 games 23.4 11.4 53%
Deron with the leaner from 10 feet
Bosh on the post 2 rebounds two points on the tips
Memo with the fingerole and does not get the foul
Millsap picks up his second foul who is coming?
Korver checks in for CJ AK for Millsap
Memo with the fall away ridiculous.
Bonsu has two fouls Raptors both bigs have two fouls
Tie game @ 22 2:30 left to play in the first.
Jason Statham commercial for the A6 pretty funny I can’t believe they made three Transporters.
“Don’t look he has been staring at you for like 20 Minutes.”
“What that, that’s the money you could be saving with Gieco.”
Memo is Fourth in the league in three point shooting.
Brewer steal Korver Layup +1 and A Tech on Bosh +1
Jazz up four on the four point play. When was the last time the Jazz had a four point play?
Brewer no points thus far but has played solid D.
Korver from the Elbow Splash!
Marion used to be so good and to think that he wants 20 Million a year just ridiculous, no one is going to sign him for that much.
Jazz up 5 at the end of the First 29-24.
Considering the Utah Jazz and their last few start I am pretty stoked at this point and to think that Boozer is out and Brewer hasn’t scored.
Sprite commercial yeah back flip in the cement court.
Nacho Drag Taco Bell commercial hilarious. Gives me some ideas about the next time my wife and I go to the movies.
Jerry Looking Very good today sharp suit nice purple tie, maybe he has am AK freebie living in Toronto.
Raptors 4-0 mini run.
Jazz have missed two straight layups.
Tie game at 29.
We are getting open looks and not hitting them.
Start the quarter 0-5
Raptors take their first lead.
Collins with the charge he goes out Millsap comes in.
Korver for three Yes.
AK with the tip
Jazz defense looks really active and getting tips.
D-Will should be coming in soon, there he is
Jazz have missed 6 gimmies this quarter. Shooting 5/16
Korver has 12
Barn has a three. Toronto 842 straight games with a three NBA record, last time they missed 1999.
Memo with 10.
DWill with the drive dish and Millsap dunk.
Jazz with three straight O Rebounds
Millsap hits two FT Jazz up one 42 41
Millsap wide open layup Deron is pushing the tempo causes problems for the Raptor bigs
Pace Mannion going eighties on us with the black shirt and white tie. Harpring please take his job when you retire
Jazz win they take over the 4 or 5 spot. I don’t have all the tiebreakers up to date yet.
Ty Corbin’s Son one state championship for west hit some big shots last night.
Korver on Fire hits another three.
DWill hits the shot at the end of the Half putting the Utah Jazz up one over the Toronto Raptors 49-48.
Over all the Jazz have played well on the defensive end and missed a bunch of easy shots. They should be up by ten.
Turnover Memo The Bosh Matchup is a difficult one for him.
Deron Misses a layup causes a fast break the other way, we should be up ten at least with all our missed shots.
Bosh will get hot this half we need to get ahead of them.
PNR Miles to Millsap
Brewer with his first 2 he needs to heat up
Barn with a three.
Memo +1 driving in slowmo Barn has 3 fouls
15 lead changes thus far.
PNR Memo to Brewer for the Dunk
Dwill from 17 good.
Jazz up 60-59 7:38 in the third
Bosh with 15 now he will end up with close to 30, he his playing hard but does not look like Olympics Bosh.
Jazz down 4, things could get out of hand
Dwill hits a three to cut it back to one.
Bosh is taking over
Deron with the cross over on Bosh and splash from 17
Millsap with four fouls this is going to be a problem
AK and KK check in.
Korver to AK on the jump shot pass Utah Jazz down 72-70
AK with the and one on the left handed reverse nice.
Barn and Bosh are killing us.
Memo with 17 cuts the Raptors lead to two.
DWill Misses layup Bosh get +1 on the other end.
FSN having Network problems and the game is blacked out awesome.
And we are back.
Raptors have 15 more free throws than us oh how I miss the ESA
Collins,Knight,AK, Harpring ,Korver what a lineup to start the fourth.
Another missed Layup amazing.
Utah Jazz Down Eight, and AK misses the first free throw of the night.
Deron with the steal and the assist from the ground to AK + 1 YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
Jazz down 4 nine minutes left in the game.
Millsap misses a gimmie again.
AK can cut the lead to one. Has missed three this quarter.
IM GOING TO SAY BUCKLE UP right now. With seven minutes left.
AK going to the line again for two hits the first, missed the second
RUGBY SCRUM for 20 seconds
AK gets the tip for a break away dunk and the lead YESSS.
Millsap with the DD
Milsap gets his fifth foul covering Bosh.
Four minutes left Memo with the O foul Milsap and Memo have 5 fouls Jazz up two.
Korver with Block on bosh Milsap with the bucket on the other end awesome.
Memo draws an offensive foul.
Bosh with a huge bucket that give him 30
Korver with steal on Bosh again.
THERES the Buckle up time from Boler
Millsap puts the Jazz up four.
Bosh missed Jazz can go up six.
1:16 left and up by six we need a bucket .
Deron wants the ball in crunch time Deron gets it.
He misses the first of two free throws. Makes the second.
Jazz in the midst of a 15-6 run.
40 seconds left.
Dwill for two to seal it ugg misses the first. Hits the second Jazz up eight with 20 seconds left.

Amazing, Listen up to the podcast for the follow up