Payback. Again.

This will only be the second game this season that I have not been able to watch in some sort of way or another.

I sold my tickets to Bryce and Erin, who have a connection with Suns (Erin was partly raised in AZ). Yesterday my insurance agent called and asked if I was going to the game, and I said "No, its my wife's Birthday, why?" "I have got 12th row seats behind the Jazz bench, but I won't tempt you."

There are two reasons why I miss a Utah Jazz game.
First, my wife's Birthday.
Second, the birth of one of our children, think "Fisher game", which I call the "Baby Game".
Anything else can be rescheduled or celebrated on another day, even Christmas we all know it is a Pagan Holiday anyway.


The Jazz will not lose tonight.
Deron will have 25 and 14
Boozer will have a bad night because of all the questions about the divorce.
Korver will have 16 points and 6 boards
Memo will have a double double
Knight will not make a basket
Brewer will have at least 4 dunks
Jazz win by at least 10.