I have been thinking over the past few weeks about fanhood, as you can tell from the podcast and some of the posts. I wanted to share my top ten Utah Jazz moments of all time on some of the off days and have some people share theirs, so we can post them on the blog.

#10 May 1998

I was in the MTC about to depart for Columbus, Ohio, we had about a week left before we flew out. One of the elders on our floor had snuck in a little tiny stereo system probably the size of piece of paper. After we had returned from class that night he bust out the radio and tuned it into the Jazz Game. If I remember correctly, is was game 3 against Houston that went into OT.

Eventually probably 60 missionaries gathered in the stairwell and top floor of the MTC Dorm room to listen to the Jazz game. We all were in our pajamas, garments and workout clothes gathered around a little radio cheering on our Utah Jazz. It was like our own little Delta Center.

As the game was reaching the pinnacle of excitement in over time, one of the night watchmen came into the building and asked everyone what was the heck going on. The missionaries scattered all over the place. I ended up under some other missionaries bed on the floor just below ours, waiting for 45 minutes for the dust to settle.

I don't know if the kid with the stereo got chewed out by the Branch President, but the BP laid the smack down in church the following Sunday. He said "The spirit can't dwell with you when you are breaking the rules elders you all need to repent. If it is the Utah Jazz Spirit I think it is OK. -S