Championships- Over the past 60 years the Lakers have won 14 NBA Championships 5 in Minnesota and 9 after they moved to LA in 1960. Five of those coming in the 80's when the Celtics-Lakers Rivalry hit its all-time high. They have won Championships with many different generations of teams and look like they could be adding another one this year.

Sasha Vujacic- His fan club loves him, but I can't stand him. You are not aloud at any time in life to give yourself your own nickname. Period. Not only did he give himself his own nickname, he proclaimed himself "The Machine". How many people give themselves their own nickname. I am thinking of all the people I know and can't think of anyone that has given themselves a nickname. Nicknames are a right of passage, the are given to boys as they turn into men. There are nicknames that automatically given, My last name is Campbell, and like every other kid in America with the last name Campbell, you get the nickname "Soup". My brother had it, my dad had it, and my three sons will probably have it as well. I can see why Sasha would want a nickname his first name is pretty feminine and his last name has "chic" in it. I would give myself a nickname if my name was Kelly Girley or something like that.

Phil Jackson- Do I think he is a good coach? Yes. Nine Championships (possibly 10) good? Absolutely not. I believe that he has coached what will 30 years from now be three of top five players in NBA History--- Michael Jordan, Shaq and Kobe Bryant maybe three of the top ten players of all time. Did he coach Michael Jordan to be the best NBA player ever. No. Did he come up with plays for Michael Jordan to hit open Jumpers. Yeah but I think any of us could tell someone else to set a pick or tell Mike hey push of and create your own shot. Did he coach Shaq to be 7" 330 and be the most physically dominant player to ever play on a basketball court, if so why doesn't he coach more guys to be that way. He has been in the right place at the right time. Every one's argument to that is well, he has learned how to coach elite players and let them play together. If he was so good at managing the ego's and attitudes of some of the greatest players ever, why couldn't he keep Shaq and Kobe together to win 4 more titles in L.A. Exactly,
he couldn't.

Kobe Bryant see post from last year. I think Kobe Bryant is good. Really Good. And that's why I hate him. Whenever a player has been in the NBA for ten years or so their games changes a little bit. Example, Michael Jordan during the last few years of his career developed a deadly jumper and was selective about driving to the whole. We knew he could do it ever play but he would save it for a critical moment and then BAM dunk. Karl Malone did the same thing, he had a sweet 12-18 foot jumper that was deadly, but would still post you up and let you know he was the Best PF ever. I think Kobe is in this stage right now or at the beginning of it. His fadeway jumper is deadly and almost unstoppable, But 3-4 times a game he lulls you to sleep and then BAM blows right by you and dunks it. I still hate him.

Magic Johnson and the notion that he is the best point guard ever. This has been a argument of mine for ever as well as with every radio station in Utah, think "Pound for Pound". There is really no argument here Magic Johnson was not a point guard. Just like, Gasol, Duncan and Garnett are not 4's. Here is espn's rankings of all time point guards. This has been argued and argued but I still think it should be John.

The Trade I can't even write about this one it tastes so bad here are as many links as I can find about this shady deal. Greg Popovich Mark Cuban, Chris Sheridan, Marc Stein . This deal will forever bother me. It was shady plain and simple.

Lakers Fans I am going to assume that 80% of Lakers fans are bandwagon and really don't know anything about the Lakers. Tomorrow night there will probably be about 2k Lakers fans in attendance of which not very many will know about the Lakers and have jumped on the Bandwagon. Before I was married, I dated a girl from California, her and all of her Californian roomates considered themselves Lakers fans. I would call them Anti-Jazz fans. They go to the games to cheer for their so called loved Lakers but really they have not even gotten beyond step one in the "Articles of Fanhood" which, is still in the works, and will be published this summer. I sat at the playoff games last year as the Laker fans pointed to their fingers as if to say yeah we got three rings.

Championships Again- I know that I can't say that it is as bad as the Red Sox, Cubs, or Lions, But I can say I think that we need to get one with D-will Booze and AK or things could get ugly around here for a while. I hate the Lakers. I hate that they have two light colored Jerseys. I hate that they are on TV all of the time. I hate the Lakers Girls. I hate Paula Abdul except for the Cold Blood Snake Video. I hate that people who were not born in LA and end up there because they are famous get a free ride to be a Laker fan. I hate that there are probably only 15 lakes in California let alone none in the LA area. I hate that the only doctor in America who can fix Derek Fisher's Daughters eye lives in LA. I hate Luke Walton'S Tattoo. I hate the stage lighting at home games. I hate that Jerry Buss plays on High Stakes Poker on GSN. I hate that the Lakers play every freaking Christmas. I hate that Lakers fans where Jerseys with nothing else under the jersey. I hate any word that rhymes with Lakers including, acres, bakers, cakers, breakers, fakers, makers, quakers.

Most of all, I hate that the Lakers are good. Really good. Consistently good even, and that that goodness has given them Championships, 14 of them. -s