I expect the Jazz to win tonight, but I don't think that it will be easy.

Over the past 15 years the Grizzlies have been consistently the worst team in the league. They have had multiple lottery pics since they joined the NBA. They have really not been able to keep any of their good players for some reason or another (Pau Gasol).

With this being the first game in almost a week for the two teams, I think the first quarter will be a little sloppy, shooting percentages will be down, the team defense will be a little lack-luster. The Grizzlies will probably be leading after the first quarter.

From Everything that I have read over the past week, Andrei should be back tonight. However, I have not found anything today. If we find out it will be posted here as soon as I get the text or call. For in state followers I suggest listening to updates on 1320 for out of state followers stay tuned.


I think that the Jazz will turn it on in the last three quarters and win by 13 or so 102-89.

Game of the Night -Hornets @ Thunder Durant goes for 38-8-4

Stat of the Night- Deron is Averaging 33 ppg. and shooting 59.8 percent from the field over the past 5 games. He goes for 37-11-4.

Random- We beat the Lakers last week, man it feels good typing that.