As a Utah Jazz Fan you want your players to be recognized nationally for their talent and to represent our organization. Once again Deron Williams did not make the All-star game. I personally do not think that he got snubbed, but feel the argument could have been made for him to be there.
However, this may be the best thing that has happened to the Jazz since the season started. One thing that we have learned over the past three years is that you do not want to piss D-will off. He is now officially pissed off.

Against TTTSNBN on Friday he dropped 24-12 adding 4 steals and shot lights out going 9-13. It was more than just the box score it was they way he was moving on the floor, fast, aggressive, angry, almost, but not quite, going Michael Corleone on the Bobcats. Its as if Jerry, Kevin and Larry said look "Deron, we need to stay a few games over .500 while A.K. and Boozer are out. Do whatever it takes, that's right, whatever it takes."

Yesterday I felt he played one of his best games of the season offensively with 35 points but only had 5 dimes.

So over the past two games he is averaging 28.5 points 8.5 assists and 2.5 steals, and shooting 67 % from the floor and 45% from three. I will predict he has another huge night against the Bobcats on Monday.

I can't figure out what is going on with Korver, he has not been shooting the ball well since Christmas. He went 1-7 last night and had a three play stretch where he gave up two alley-oops, and then turned the ball over. It looks like he is doing the same thing he always does, maybe the wrist is bothering him still or maybe he is just in a funk. Whatever the problem is he needs to fix it right now.

C.J. Miles has played consistently good in the first quarter for the past four games. How awesome would it be if he played four quarters of consistent basketball.


With the NBA trad deadline coming up in about two weeks there is buzz all over about the Utah Jazz and what they are going to do.

Top twelve trade assets- Chris Sheridan
All-star Snub's - John Hollinger
Best Player's Never to make an All-Star Game -Mac Stein
Millsap Underrated? Bill Simmon

Super Bowl pick is Steelers 30 Cards 24

Game of the Night- Super Bowl

Stat of the night- I hate freaking injuries, they have killed what was going to be a spectacular year for the Utah Jazz. It all started with Alan Handey and his broken tailbone, and then moved its way through the Jazz even getting the Jazz Bear with a broken foot. Injuries suck, hows that for stat of the night.