The Utah Jazz will be competing against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday, the 24th. The Jazz are coming off a win at home with Atlanta where they dominated the Hawks from beginning to end of the first half, shooting an impressive 71% from the field. Carlos Boozer came back for that game and was a little rusty in his first game back in over 40 games. The Jazz struggled to get the offense going with him on the floor with only a plus 1 on the plus/ minus scoring scale. When Paul Millsap was on the floor the Jazz were plus 24 points, which is amazing, way to go Paul!

The Wolves have been struggling of late, losing 8 of their last 10. They also played against the Raptors last night, on the road, so they should be sufficiently worn out when the Jazz come home to play them. The Jazz's deep bench should be the deciding factor in the game tonight. They put up 58 points against the Hawks at home, where the bench traditionally play's better. But, the Jazz should be able to expect at least 10 points from Millsap, AK 47, and "The Wet Dream" Kyle Korver (that is my new nickname for him). If we can get 30 productive points off the bench, the Jazz should be able to lock in a victory.

With Jefferson out, they don't have any real big men that will challenge the Jazz. Ryan Gomes has been putting up some impressive offensive numbers, double digit scoring, over the past 5 games. But, as a 6 foot 7 power forward, he will need to drop a lot of mid to long range jumpers to be effective for the Wolves. Look for the Jazz to get Boozer more active in the offense. I would expect Boozer to play a long side of Millsap a little bit because of Minnesota's small front court, the Jazz like to play Millsap at the 5 when they are up against a quicker, smaller lineup. Also, Sebastian Telfair has been playing very well for the Wolves lately, but you can expect him to have a rough night because of D-Will's size and stifling defense, along with his ankles being broken by Deron's sick cross over.

After it is all said and done the Jazz will walk away with a win in a high flying, offensively minded game. Jazz win 114 to 98. Life off, game on. Go Jazz --- BB