Welcome back Jerry, I'm glad to have you. There is the regular stuff, Longest tenured coach in Professional sports, 1000 game winner with the Jazz, Basketball Hall of Fame Member blah blah blah, but is Jerry Sloan a good coach. I say Yes, emphatically. I realize that he hasn't won a championship and coaches are judged on championships, but I think we have seen his true ability as a coach over the past 5-7 years. Being in a small Market we don't (Until this year ) have the luxury of going over the tax threshold ever year and signing 3 big name players (Boston, LA, Orlando, New York, Chicago, Miami) or in other words buying a championship. I feel Boston, LA, Miami bought their recent  Championships. SA had some luck with the draft and really Detroit is the only non superstar team to win a championship since well maybe the 83 Sixers, but they still had Moses and Dr. J. any way its tough to win an NBA title in a small market. Jerry has consistently coached winning teams in a really small market. Jerry gets more out of his players than other coaches because of HIS system. Jerry produces wins. The Owners have  let Jerry coach HIS team and by doing so, he doesn't have to look over his shoulder and coach scared. There are Jazz Fans that want Jerry to go to retire so we can get young blood in here.  I disagree. Who would you suggest, all of the other good coaches are locked into contracts and good situations. Do we really think that getting rid of one of the top coaches in the league will benefit this team. I say no. Has Jerry made some mistakes, yeah sure, but I think the positives out perform the minuses by a landslide. Welcome back to another year Jerry. Jazz visiting Primary Children's (Video)