I realized that the Phil Jackson is 41-0 when his team wins the first game of a series and that teams that win game one win 80% of the time but if you have watched the Jazz all season you knew they would be underdogs in this series. You also knew that they would struggle on the road and probably not win the series.

However this is our team. This is the Utah Jazz that we have followed for the past 25 years. I'm not trying to be captain optimistic at all I'm just frustrated with the Fans that have been there the entire year are jumping ship.

Boozer of all people does not deserve all the hate he is getting right now.

Which player will start knocking down shots, it probably won't be Okur.

However, Locke Booner and Bolerjack discuss other possibilities here.

I think the shooting averages will even out it game two to within about 4-5 % not 16% like game one.

Deron won't shoot 4-14 again, but he probably won't get 17 assists and the Jazz won't hold kobe to 24 points. Stay tuned.

If Gambling were legal I would parlay the Cavs-11 and the Jazz Lakers to go over if it is less than 118.

Game Predictions

Lakers 112 Jazz 104 and it comes down to threes and frees.