but for the next two games lets give the Lakers Hell.

Now is the time to pull any card that you have to get to the ESA. Babysitting cards, guys night out cards, change bishop interviews to Sunday night, call in sick, let the kids sleep over at Grandma's house, even miss your TV shows.

I am calling on every Jazz fan tonight to get a ticket to the game and watch the fireworks, the lights out player intro, the new video intro, and the chance to boo the crap out of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Please come cheer with the voice of twenty thousand lions. Yell with the sound of 20 thousand trumpets, and scream like little school girls.

Tonight and Saturday night are our nights to show the World why the ESA is "the loudest Arena in the NBA".

If all these reasons don't get you psyched up then, "Do it for Larry" ,he would want you to.