Over the past two weeks the Utah Jazz have been the most Jekyll and Hyde team in the league. I don't really think deep down anyone really wants a piece of us. However some in Portland are under that belief

"John Canzano of The Oregonian: "It's a lousy matchup. On paper. On hardwood. Home or road. The Trail Blazers don't match up well with the Houston Rockets, which is why you have to be rooting today for anything else. Never thought I'd write this, but if only a first-round series against the Lakers were somehow a possibility. San Antonio as a consolation, maybe? Portland's 102-88 loss to Houston on Sunday was the latest indictment in the series. The Rockets have won 10 of the last 11 games against the Blazers in Texas, and 17 of the last 21 overall. ... Root for a series with the Hornets, then. Or Utah, which Portland matches up well against. Or Denver, which has mental lapses and feels like a good matchup for a young, focused team. But Houston feels like a bottomless pit."

How does it feel to be a Spurs fan right now.....

I feel good with any match-up between 2-7 right now. Interestingly enough the Jazz are two games behind Houston(who still hasn't clinched a playoff spot mathematically).

What's crazy is how many teams will be able to control who they play on the last or second to last day of the Season. Just some food for thought because the Lakers play the Jazz the last game of the season, but a day before all the other West Coast teams play.